Types of Shirt Labels You Can Choose As Promotional Means for Fashion Products

Planning to start a clothing business or other fashion knick-knacks? As a means of promotion, you should always include labels such as custom silicone stickers on your selling products. That way, the identity of the product you make can be more easily recognized by other people when they want to repurchase an item with the same brand.

Types of Shirt Labels You Can Choose As Promotional Means for Fashion Products
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Shirt Label Definition

The label itself is an object that contains the brand logo, brand name, or both. Although it seems trivial, the existence of labels in the fashion world has a significant role, one of which is to convey information so that consumers readily understand it.

In the garment and convection industry, the labels attached to clothing are usually used more as a place to include the brand, size, origin of the material, and product registration number, as well as other important information related to the identity of clothing or textile goods.

In addition to detailed information as mentioned above, some clothes labels usually contain product care instructions, including how to wash them, which are made in the form of pictures or certain washing symbols that have been uniformed throughout the world.

The standard washing symbol used in a garment is said to have been developed by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM). In contrast, the FTC introduced a labeling rule containing at least one washing method in 1972 for the manufacturer’s Paxar label.

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Types of Clothes Labels

Depending on the needs and the product being marketed, the type of label that can be used as a means of promotion, especially on clothing and complementary fashion products such as bags or shoes. Generally, it can be divided into two kinds of variants, namely, in the form of permanent and temporary labels.

1. Permanent Label

A permanent label is usually sewn together with a product, such as a custom leather label on clothing or specific products. Permanent clothing labels are mostly satin, nylon, or woven materials. For the type, there are brand labels and wash care labels.

a. Brand Label

Most of your clothing brand labels contain more information about the name of a product. The benefits of brand labels for manufacturers include the following:

  • As a basis for product identification.
  • As a basis for differentiating product prices.
  • To prevent imitation of product characteristics.
  • To show the quality level of a product.
  • To make it easier for consumers to search for products.

b. Wash Care Labels

Especially for wash care labels, there are at least five symbols on each clothing care label. The symbols in question generally consist of washing, bleaching, drying, ironing, and dry cleaning.

  • The washing care symbol label is generally a container filled with water. Complementary symbols include dots, lines, crosses, and hand drawings. There can also be a written description of the temperature in the form of numbers.
  • The whitening treatment symbol label usually has a triangular shape. Complementary symbols include lines and crosses.
  • In the drying process, there are 2 main symbols, namely a box, which means drying without a washing machine or drying in the sun. Then the symbol of a box with a circle means machine drying.
  • The ironing process symbol label has other complementary symbols consisting of a dot, a cross, and 2 lines with a cross at the bottom.
  • The symbol of care with the dry cleaning process with the basic shape of a circle or a circle. In this symbol, there are also other complementary symbols in the form of the letters “a,” “p,” “f,” “w,” and a cross.
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To find out what each symbol on the care wash label means, see the discussion about the Meaning of the Clothing Care Symbol in the previous fit inline article.

2. Temporary Labels

Temporary labels are usually used more to complement permanent labels and information not included in permanent labels. Types of labels included in the temporary labels generally consist of hang tags and stickers.

a. Hang Tags

Hang tags are a type of label mostly made of paper, mica, or acrylic and are usually hung on a product. The hang tag information is not far from the product brand, price, and barcode.

Compared to other types of labels, this method of using hang tags is convenient and not complicated. The installation method is also relatively simple because it is hung using a rope or linked to a hook called a loop pin.

The benefits that can be obtained from the use of hang tags for both consumers and business actors include the following:

  • As an effective promotional media, the application method is also straightforward apart from being affordable.
  • Can be used to strengthen the trademark of a product.
  • The use of unique hang tags can be utilized to identify the product’s authenticity and avoid counterfeiting.
  • For consumers, this hang tag will make it easier for someone to get important information related to the product they want to buy.

b. Sticker Labels

Clothing labels in stickers are usually installed for size information or as a substitute for hang tags (mainly used on children’s clothes or shoe products).

Thus a brief discussion of clothing labels. If you want to find labels for your latest fashion products, don’t hesitate to visit Aseefashion. We offer various options that can be customized according to your taste.

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