5 women’s fashion trends for spring-summer 2022

Spring is already well established and the high temperatures are preparing us for the arrival of summer. It’s time to sort through your closets and start looking at the defining question: “what are you going to wear this summer?”. If you too are always looking for the latest fashions for women, we decipher the 5 trends for this spring-summer 2022.

1. The mini skirt:

The mini-skirt has appeared on all the haute-couture catwalks. Impossible not to notice his great comeback, or even worse, to deny it! The mini-skirt is likely to be on all fronts: in town, by the sea, in the countryside, and perhaps even in the mountains. We still prefer casual, minimalist, or preppy chic mini-skirts for this summer, and we avoid going into vulgar. You can add a belt, wear it with sneakers, mules, or heeled sandals, for a top style. And if it’s really hot, we take out the colorful crop-top without hesitation. This is also one of the best festival set outfits.

2. Trendy crochet dress:

Crochet or chunky knit clothes are everywhere and we love them. This is a new 2022 trend for women’s fashion that can also be worn in spring or summer. You can opt for an openwork crochet cardigan for summer evenings or spring days when the weather is a little mixed, for a bohemian and casual look on a daily basis.

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You’ll find knit shorts and skirts or crochet dresses, and even 2 piece pant set! Crochet and knits are perfect for the atmosphere we want for this spring-summer: relaxed, soft, trendy, and light. That’s why we love it with a pretty pair of beige or white mules for an assumed gypsum look.

Trendy crochet dress

3. Monochromatic looks:

This spring-summer, sets are still popular. We choose them in plain color or in a total printed look, according to preferences. For the city or to go to work, you can opt for a monochrome skirt suit, black, white – yes, the total white look is downright trendy this summer, cream, in pastel or flashy shades if you have audacity and guts.

If you prefer sportswear sets, you can walk around town or go to the gym in a black, gray, white, or colored jogging set. You can also create your set yourself, by combining two identical colors at the top and bottom. Anyway, this summer, you will find many monochrome sets, it is really THE fashion outfit for chic women not to be missed!

4. Oversized clothes:

The trend for oversized clothing is still there in spring-summer 2022. If you like oversized blazers, wide pants (flare, bootcut, palazzo, loose, etc.), XXL vests, or wide blouses, you’re going to be served! The trendiest oversized piece of the moment is no doubt: the XXL blazer is everywhere and can be worn in many ways.

You will even see the return of the shouldered blazer, to structure the silhouette and give volume to the upper body. How to wear an oversized blazer this year? On the skin, with no top underneath, except for a bra or a tiny crop-top! You can even wear the top of your swimsuit underneath, it’s trendy.

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5. The 2000s:

The Y2K trend is everywhere and the expression is on the lips of all young people. “Y2K” simply means the Year 2000. Y2K fashion is therefore the trend of the early 2000s…

In other words, the ones we try to forget the most relentlessly! Despite everything, the designers were inspired by these famous 2000s and brought out pieces that we had hidden in our closets for several years: the famous mini-skirt we are talking about above, low-rise jeans, and all low-rise pants at the same time, the sexy white crop top, sequins and rhinestones, platform shoes and colors that sting the eyes. If you are still nostalgic for the 2000s or if you were too young to wear a crop-top in primary school, you can treat yourself this spring-summer.

As for women’s fashion, 2022 is a year of audacity and change. Probably the regression of the health crisis has something to do with it, but we all want to relax and make the most of this spring-summer, and in style. And you, do you already know which trendy pieces you are going to fall for this summer? Visit Solado and find out the best outfits for women.

Crop top: for which morphology?

If the crop top would have clearly been a no-go item for many of us in the 90s, today it is a top that everyone can afford, as long as they know how to choose it. We tell you everything about how to wear it according to your morphology.

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The crop top when you’re X:

If your silhouette is in X or in 8, don’t worry too much, you can do almost anything in the crop top department. Just avoid high necks or turtlenecks if you have a generous chest.

The crop top when you're X

The crop top when you’re H:

H-shaped silhouettes will have every interest in betting on a flowing crop top that is close to the body, without being tight. A fairly deep V or round neckline will be perfect to emphasize your chest and feminize your silhouette.

Note that if your shoulders are muscular, it is better to avoid straps and prefer something a little more covering like a crop top t-shirt with short sleeves.

The crop top when you’re A:

With generally slender shoulders, A-line silhouettes will be enhanced by close-fitting crop tops with worked shoulders or sleeves: asymmetrical neckline, balloon sleeves, shoulder pads… Treat yourself, it’s the pinnacle of trends.

The crop top when you’re V:

Conversely, if you are V, we advise you to prefer a “wise” crop top in terms of frills on the shoulders. A crop-top with long or short sleeves, straight and fluid cut will be perfect to rebalance your silhouette.

The crop top when we are O:

When we have shapes, we often hesitate to embark on a crop top, but yet, it is a cut that can really sublimate you!

By opting for a crop top straight and close to the body, you will highlight your waist and your chest.

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