Lump on scalp: 10 Causes, 9 Symptoms, 4 Treatments, 11 Home remedies

Have you felt a round bump on your head under hair that you are aware of it only now? You might wonder how the lump on scalp erupted when you have not bumped your head into anything!

Sometimes you might have noticed this on your kids head too.  Since it looks ugly and ungainly, you would undoubtedly have rushed to the doctor as such lumps may make other children tease your child.

Read on to know “What are the lumps on my scalp and why are they caused?”

The Whats and the Whys of Lump on Scalp:

lump on scalp
Lump on scalp
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The occurrence of a Lump on scalp is quite common among individuals of ages.   It appears in the form of bumps, cysts, moles or knots on scalp.

You hardly notice some; they merely wither away.  Some are painful and make their presence when you run your hand through your hair.

Of course, never ignore Lumps on Head under hair or a bald scalp.  Usually harmless, but few varieties may lead to hair loss, bald patches or black scars. Others may harm your general health or could be signs of higher medical emergencies.

11 Causes for Lump on Scalp:

Collection of Dead cells or Pilar Cysts:

Pilar cysts grow due to the accumulation of oil and dead skin cells on your scalp.  They can be tiny as a pea or grow to a size of a small apple.

Though they are harmless by themselves, they may cause temporary hair fall.  Pilar cysts are common among womenfolk.  They are hereditary, and you may incur it if your parents have suffered from it.


Small injuries to the scalp can cause the Human Papilloma Virus(HPV) to enter the scalp.  They grow and create small painful and irritable lumps/warts on the scalp. Cosmetic surgeons can easily remove HPV condition warts without any fuss.

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Allergic skin reaction:

Lumps on head can occur as a result of allergic skin reactions also.

Cancerous growth:

Bald people sometimes experience a lump on scalp due to direct exposure to the sun and lack of hair growth.  This growth can be carcinogenic. This growth on scalp may kill skin cells and tissues and even spread to other parts of the body.

Seek a dermatologist’s help if you have such growth on your scalp.

Viral Infections:

You may experience lump on your scalp if you are suffering from chickenpox or Shingles.  These two viral infections sometimes cause round or oval bumps on your scalp.

Acne on Scalp:

At times, the lump on scalp may be in the form of Acne. Acne or pimples on scalp caused due to clogging of pores on the head.  The dead skin cells and microbes clog the pores causing a pimple.

The types of bacteria that can cause this problem are Propionibacterium acnes(P.acnes) and Staphylococcus epidermidis.  Fungus and mites are can also be held responsible for this pimple.


Sometimes, moles called Nevi grow on a scalp. They are harmless and painless. You can get it removed through cosmetic surgery.

Seborrhea Kerasotes:

This type of lump or wart is hereditary.  They are colourless or dark brown.  You will feel itchiness if you are affected by this condition.

Nevus Sebaceous of Jadhasson:

This problem was first described by dermatologist called Jadhasson and hence the name.

Here a scalp lesion occurs that keeps growing from infancy.  At first, it is a small yellow patch.  Then it develops into lumps or bumps when the person reaches puberty or adolescence.

Head Injury:

Minor head injuries occur when you bump your head into something hard.  It results in bleeding under the skin forms a lump.  The best treatment to cure this temporary lump is placing an ice pack on it.

Lumps due to severe head injuries cause nausea and vomiting and deserve Doctor’s immediate attention.

Unusual Lumps on scalp that can be found in other parts of the body as well:

There are some varieties of lumps that are not only found in the scalp but also in other parts of the body. Here is a list of them:

Folliculitis is red bumps and sometimes white-headed pimples, caused by bacteria and fungi occurring in hairy areas of the body

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Pilomatrixoma is a hair follicle tumour – skin or purple-coloured, caused due to overproduction of matrix hair cells

Lipoma is soft fatty lumps that are moveable, harmless but they require medical attention if they harden.

9 Symptoms of Lump on Scalp:

Check if the lump on scalp has the following symptoms

  • Bumps on scalp
  • They can be oval or round
  • Usually harmless but sometimes need doctors attention
  • They sometimes appear as clusters that are hard to touch
  • They are colourless or dark brown.
  • You may also find a bump on head under hair
  • Some people experience painful lump on scalp
  • If irritated they change colour to red and may become itchy

Home Remedies for Lump on Scalp:

Most Home remedies are prepared using edible items readily available at home.  The most significant advantage of taking home remedies is that they have no side-effects; the reason why they are used in day-to-day meals.

The Ice Cube treatment:

If the lump on head is due to head injury, then try placing a piece of Ice to reduce it.  The lump may go away by itself in few days. But putting an ice cube can soothe the pain to a certain extent, especially for children prone to injuries.

Apple Cider Vinegar:

Apple Cider has found to be useful for various infections as it acts a natural astringent and restores pH level.  It is processed by fermenting apple cider, has no chemicals the side effects are nil.

Take care not to overuse the product as it may cause balding

Essential oils:

Essential oils like Lavender oil, Tea tree oil, Olive Oil, Jojoba Oil etc. have few medicinal properties and help fight if the lump on the scalp caused due to infection.

  • Tea tree oil has antibacterial properties
  • Jojoba oil helps reduce inflammation
  • Other oils are used to exfoliate and remove dead skin
Use of Shampoos:

You can try using shampoos that contain Salicylic acid or glycolic acid or Ketoconazole(ciclopirox) for relief

  • Salicylic peels dead skins
  • Glycolic acid cleans by killing bacteria
  • Ketoconazole attacks fungus that can be the mischief maker causing a lump on your scalp.
Fenugreek paste:

Fenugreek is added to dishes as it adds a pleasant taste to any meal. It also has inflammatory properties.  Use this great spice to your advantage by making a Fenugreek paste and applying it to the active area.  While bitterness clears the microbes, the pain is decreased at the earliest.

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Nutmeg Powder:

You can remedy a lump on scalp using the ever-effective nutmeg powder.  Mix a teaspoon of it with milk and apply the same to your scalp.  Rinse your hair after an hour to achieve the best results.

Tomato Juice:

Rub a juicy tomato on your hair and rinse it after few minutes.  Tomato juice is effective especially clearing away acne and pimples that form on your scalp.

Neem and Henna packs:

Just like face packs, Neem and Henna packs can naturally help clear scalp problems.  Neem has antibacterial and antifungal properties that act on lumps caused due to infection.  Henna has antiseptic features that have helped many get rid of acne caused by microbes.

Lemon juice:

Lemon juice is acidic and helps remove pimples lump on scalp and acne caused due to oil deposits or microbes

Coconut Oil:

Coconut oil seems like a one-stop solution for problems of hair or scalp.  While it moisturises hair, it helps exfoliate dead cells that are not shed efficiently by the body.  Try coconut oil to clear lumps on head especially caused by dead cell or oil deposits.


Garlic has antimicrobial properties.  Make a paste of a clove of garlic and apply it on the lump on scalp.  Most harmless but ugly lumps wither away on applying this smelly paste!

Treatments that are done for removing Lump on Scalp:

If the problem of lump on your scalp is serious, then you need to see a skin doctor or dermatologist immediately.  Check for itchiness, redness, soreness and extreme pain to ascertain how dangerous the lump is.

Doctors/Dermatologists may follow any of the following treatments

Surgical Removal:

An infected or large lump of Scalp is usually removed through Electro Surgery. This involves using a needle to pass an electrical current through the lump, thus hardening it.  Once the tissue becomes hard, it is just scraped away from the scalp easily.

Freezing growth with liquid Nitrogen:

Liquid nitrogen is used to stop the growth of lump.  This treatment called Cryotherapy flattens the growth of the lump automatically.

Light Therapy:

Lump on scalp created due to skin problems like psoriasis can be cured using light therapy.


Doctors prescribe topical creams and drugs that have Malathion or Lindane as ingredients for Lumps on scalp.  The topical cream needs to be applied externally.  Cancerous lump on scalp is treated by injections constituting cancer drugs directly into the bump.

While there are various treatments to cure and clear lump on scalp it is better you take measures to prevent it.

Rinse your hair regularly, use less of chemicals, cover your head from the afternoon sun, use only good quality shampoos and exfoliate as and when possible.    So, following these simple lifestyle tips can help you avert formation of any lumps or bumps on your scalp.

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