Natural Homeopathic Remedies for Children’s Colds and Symptoms

OTC allopathic medications may temporarily alleviate symptoms such as flowing or nasal congestion, headache, and body aches caused by an influenza virus, but the illness itself remains in the body.

Recurring colds, or viral infections of the bronchial tract, especially in children, can be particularly uncomfortable to them. This is where users can find some success with homeopathic treatments.

Compared to various holistic therapy, homeopathic medications are exceptionally secure and have no known adverse effects when used on children. For this reason, homeopathy is the therapy of choice for countless parents worldwide.

The following drugs and blends represent a great therapy choice for kids of all ages for colds.

Natural Homeopathic Remedies for Children's Colds and Symptoms
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1.  Aconite

Aconite is a superb emergency medical treatment that should be kept in every household. Use this mainly throughout the very first day of a cold’s development.

Traditional therapies often involve the oral administration of an extract from an Aconite species, which is better than essential oils used for cough and cold.

Dry, chilly weather increases the risk of catching a cold for those already showing symptoms, such as those coughing and sneezing, especially children. If your kid has nose congestion and constant sneezes, Aconite Napellus may be quite helpful.

Symptoms Treated:

A dry, severe cough, fever and hypersensitivity to light, persistent thirst, a runny nose, agitation, and anxiousness are all symptoms that have been shown to improve through this.

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It should be taken as short courses. Children should dissolve 1 or 2 pills under their tongues. One dosage every two hours for up to six doses, unless otherwise advised, in acute conditions.

2.  Allium Cepa and Belladonna Blend

Introducing a fast-acting natural homeopathic remedy, Coryzalia, designed for children, which is an organic remedy that may help a baby feel better for the length of their cold’s effects without any risk to their health. It causes no harm and contains therapeutic properties. It gives the immune system a boost because of its antioxidant properties.

Taking this solution at the earliest indication of a cold is preferable since it causes no adverse reactions and works quickly. Furthermore, it contains a proprietary formula of:

  • Allium Cepa
  • Belladonna
  • Sabadilla
  • Gelsemium Sempervirens
  • Kali Bichromicum
  • Sucrose
  • Acacia Gum
  • Distilled Water

Symptoms Treated:

The homeopathic components in Coryzalia are non-drowsy and work together to alleviate symptoms, including:

  • a stuffy nose
  • Rhinitis
  • itchy eyes
  • running nose


Give one drinking unit three times a day as soon as symptoms become apparent.

3.  Euphrasia

The protective antioxidant qualities of Euphrasia make it helpful in treating a range of cold and eye conditions. It helps with corneal infections and allergies in children. The mucosal membrane covering the eyes may also be rigid by the infection.

When the redness of the whites of a child’s eyes worsens when they go outside, it could be an indicator to give them Euphrasia, which is a natural homeopathic Remedy. Resting can help their cough.

Symptoms Treated:

High levels of nasal fluid, mild discomfort throughout the entire body at night, severe coughing, shivers, a squeezing sensation beneath the skin of the sternum, and coughing are all symptoms it may alleviate.

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Two tablets should be dissolved under the tongue every 15 minutes for four administrations in children six months to 1-year-old. Then each hour until relief is achieved or as prescribed by a physician.

4.  Arsenic Album

Arsenic Album effectively treats a prevalent cold, particularly when fluid-like discharge comes from the nostrils. Stuffiness in the nose can continue despite the itchy feeling caused by the discharge. Common symptoms include watery eyes and sneezing.

Those requiring it are more sensitive to the effects of cold weather. In common households, a home remedy is a ginger for cold in mild conditions.

However, this medication is often advised when a common cold first begins, and usually, there is a thin, liquid discharge from the nose. It might come with a stuffy nose.

Symptoms Treated:

It relieves symptoms like chills, cold, rhinitis, blisters on the tongue, anxiousness, and restlessness.


Although it may be taken in various potencies, its most prevalent application is at a 30C twice-daily dose.


Homeopathic medication is organic and safer for children with mild cold symptoms. Remedies such as Coryzalia, Aconite, and Arsenic Album may be given to children in precise doses to alleviate multiple symptoms to gain complete health. We hope this article provided useful information to effectively choose the most suitable homeopathic remedy for your child.

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