Top 5 Exercises Ideal for Your Late 40s

As you pass the prime of your life, your body starts to become feeble, brittle, and weaker. You will notice that things that were easier for you before are now becoming very tiring. Even if you are thinking of taking stairs, just the mere thought will make your joints ache.

This is very common in people as young as the late 40s. physicians say that if we reverse it back to just a few generations we will see people living a healthy and normal life without aches for as long as the 70s. In fact, in some parts of the world, especially in Japan, older people have a much better lifestyle and a much better quality of life as compared to us.

There are several researchers that say it has more to do with processed food and our passive lifestyle. Most of us have jobs that require us to live for a longer time with little to no physical exercise. This as a result only makes things worse because we are not pushing our limits and we are not challenging our bodies to do better.

Our body has a simple mechanism of obtaining food as fuel and then using this fuel to power daily activities. With most of the work being handled by machines and technology, there is very less work that we perform. As a result of less physical activity, our body starts to store all the extra calories and this makes us fat. Collectively, the lack of physical activity along with processed food makes us lethargic and also impacts our bones, muscles, and other body parts.

Top 5 Exercises Ideal for Your Late 40s

With the help of this article, we will highlight some of the best ways you can help your body to hold on to your youth for longer. We will also discuss some of the best exercises that can help you get rid of aches and also help you stay happy and healthy.

Top 5 Exercises Ideal for Your Late 40s:

Maintaining good health is very important, as long as you are working out regularly you will see that even in your late 40s you are able to perform all daily activities properly. Although there are so many different exercises that you can add, however, we have selected some of the best exercises that are not only fun, they also help you reduce your aches and help you avoid stiffness of joints.

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Yoga is a very fun yet very effective exercise. Since there are so many variations within yoga you will have your favorite few poses that you will keep repeating. However, variation is always important. If you want to start your yoga journey keep in mind that you have to focus on mediation as well as body movement.

Yoga is very good for increasing flexibility that will reduce the chance of any possible injury. Another very important thing is that it helps with arthritis by decreasing joint inflammation and stiffness.



Swimming is a full-body workout that will help you get rid of extra body fat. People who have heart issues or they have a family history of cardiac issues need to start swimming. This is a great way to wash and yet enjoy a good activity where all your muscles and bones will work.

Daily swimming will help you stay lean and strong because this helps in keeping your muscles healthy and reducing fat. Swimming is a great exercise for strength and endurance.



Cardio is a wide variety of different exercises that can help you not only reduce body fat, they can also help you with improving blood circulation as well as a healing process. Simple exercises like running, brisk walking, rope skipping are all included in cardio exercises.

So far most people are recommended to use cardio because it can help them improve their cardiac issues. It is also good for diabetic patients with high sugar and cholesterol levels.


Plank is an excellent workout for back pain. It helps you to hold your weight for a little longer and test your body muscles. You have to keep your back straight and your body weight on all fours. It is also very good for people with arthritis because it helps you get your weight on joints which increases their tolerance.

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Cycling is a very simple yet great workout for people of all ages. If you are in your late thirties and you are going to enter your forties, this is a golden opportunity for you. Just a 30 minutes ride will help you mobilize your whole body. It will also help you to improve your bone density and decrease your blood cholesterol level.

People who complain about getting tired easily will also see improvement in their overall strength and endurance. Since cycling really helps you push yourself you will eventually see that it will boost your mood as well.


Bottom Line:

To sum it all up, as you start to age, you need to spend at least a few minutes on some exercises per day. According to research conducted by Harvard Health, just a 15 minutes’ walk is enough, however, there are some experts that say, engaging in simple tasks and setting some kind of goal every day will keep you motivated and you will work harder.

Another very important thing suggested by the physician is to choose exercises that you like. Since you are at a phase of your life where your body will heal slower so intense workout might not be the best option for you. You have to choose simple exercises that are effective and that can help you engage your whole body.

Especially you need to look for an exercise that is fun and matches your interest. Cardio-based exercises are especially good for you. Some people opt for combat games which help them stay in shape and also help them stay happy and healthy for longer rather than relying on heavy-duty weight-based exercises that can result in injury.

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