Top 4 Asana to Help You with Hepatic Health

Our body is nothing but a set of organs that work in harmony with other organs to ensure our body works fine and all the body functions are taking place. As the biggest organ in our body, the liver has to work as a gatekeeper. It helps in cleaning our body and detoxifying our body from all the toxins that enter our body.

Fitness experts and gym instructors usually recommend minding various detox diets and detox juices to help you aid the performance of your liver. However medical studies have concluded that the liver does not need any dietary assistance for improving the detox system.

However, there are so many other ways that can help our liver, one of the main ways is to keep our body healthy and help the liver to heal and retain its actual shape. Most people believe dirty water and viral infections affect the performance of the liver.

However, a healthy lifestyle is the only solution. Within a healthy lifestyle, daily exercise plays a very important role. No matter what kind of exercise you choose, the majority will be focused on either weight loss, calorie burn, or muscle gain. However, yoga is the only exercise that helps you involve your whole body and mind.

Asana to Help You with Hepatic Health

With the help of this article, we will look at some of the easier yet most effective yoga poses that can help you improve your liver health. We will also explore the working and importance of the liver and how yoga can be an excellent workout for both body and brain.

Why Yoga Is Known To Be A Complete Lifestyle?

Yoga is a word that explains unity or unification. In most exercises when people set goals that are linked with the physical body and its improvement only. Overview yoga is something different, it helps in bringing together mind and body. You will have mediation and some exercise poses. The idea is to help your body use deep breathing to facilitate your exercises so your lungs can work fine and your body can respond to the breathing.

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Most people when they start exercising do not care about their breathing and as a result, they do not report favorable results. With the help of yoga, you will see that you are eating responsibly, making healthy choices and you are investing time in your overall health as well. Apart from this, your body will become flexible and you will also get rid of acute pains. Apart from this, your digestion and body detox process will also get better.

Why Yoga Is Known To Be A Complete Lifestyle

Skull Shining Breathing Technique:

This pose is normally known as Kapalbhati Pranayama however, it is also known as the skull shining breathing technique. You just have to sit comfortably on a smooth floor while you keep your legs crossed, for the support you have to keep your hands on your knees.

Start by focusing on your breathing and inhaling deeply. Feel the air entering your lungs and hold it for a second, then let it out through your nostrils. Although inhaling is a very important process, your focus should be on exhaling and this pose will take 15 minutes. You have to feel the air filling your abdomen.

Skull Shining Breathing Technique

Half Lord of the Fishes Pose:

This pose is known to be a very graceful pose. You will see most models mimicking this pose for photoshoots. This pose is known as Ardha Matsyendrasana but now it is commonly known as Half Lord of the Fishes Pose as well. For this pose, you have to sit cross-legged.

Start by sitting on a smooth surface and then cross your left foot over the right. Do not make your legs flat, you have to keep your knees a little higher. Now place your right hand over your left leg and tilt your upper body. You will see that your upper body is in a different direction while your lower body is in the same direction as before. You have to hold this pose for a few minutes and then let go.

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Half Lord of the Fishes Pose

Downward-Facing Dog:

This pose is easy, simple, and very famous. If you like yoga, you might know this pose already, this pose is also known as Adomukhi svanasana. Just get on all fours and keep your hands and feet under your hips and shoulders, do not extend your hands and feet outwards.

You have to rise a little above and then keep your knees straight, now put pressure on your palms and keep your fingers spread out. You have to hold this position for at least 5 seconds and breathe calmly. Now let go and get back into the initial position.

Downward-Facing Dog

Locust Pose:

This is the most relaxing pose where you will feel that your muscles are feeling relaxed. This pose is also known as Shalabasana. You have to lie down flat on your tummy. Now place your palms under your tights and breathe. You have to hold this pose and then hold your breath as well. Now lift your legs as your knees remain intact. Now place your head on the ground and hold this position for at least 10 seconds.

Locust Pose

Bottom Line:

To sum it all up, our body is strong enough that it doesn’t need any extra method for detox. Where most people focus on diet only, it is much better to start a healthy lifestyle where you are not only eating good food, you are also helping your body stay happy and healthy.

If we look at exercises, it is considered as one of the most important factors in our lives. Experts say that only 15 minutes of exercise is enough to resolve weight-related issues such as obesity, extra calories built up and issues linked with body toxins. As we start exercising, our body sweats and the blood circulation improves which helps in the triggering healing process and also helps in recovery.

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Another very important factor is the importance of strength and endurance as well as flexibility. As we age, the body loses its flexibility however, yoga helps in retaining the same flexibility that can help you reduce the chance of injury and also helps in improving overall health.

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