15 weeks pregnant belly appearance and symptoms

Let us talk about the 15 weeks pregnant belly size, symptoms during 15 weeks of pregnancy or during the 2nd trimester and also about the changes that you will notice in your baby in this article.

Pregnancy is the most memorable part of a woman’s life. You always keep thinking about the changes in your body, the growth in the size of your baby, your baby’s movements and much more.

But, during the first trimester, you will experience many uncomfortable symptoms like nausea, morning sickness, etc.

During the 3rd trimester, a pregnant woman is generally worried about the labor pain, early labor, complications of pregnancy, etc. But, during the 2nd trimester or 15 weeks pregnancy, you can be relaxed without any disturbing symptoms like morning sickness and devoid of any worries about the labor.

15 weeks pregnant belly changes or 15-week baby bump:

Generally, during the 1st trimester or until 12 weeks of pregnancy, the growth of the baby is very negligible. So, you won’t find much difference in the size of your belly. Many people also won’t believe if you tell them that you are pregnant during the 1st trimester.

But, during the 2nd trimester, your baby grows quite well and the baby bump during 15 weeks is definitely noticeable. Now you and the people around you will believe and sense that you are really pregnant.

Have you ever wondered what is the size of your baby when you have 15 weeks pregnant belly? It is about 4 inches. Yes, your baby is just the size of 4 inches. You can think that the size of your baby during 15 weeks is equivalent to the size of a medium sized orange which can fit very well into your hand.

If you are pregnant with twins, the size of your belly or the baby bump is a little more as you have 2 babies inside your belly at this point of time.

Level and width of the baby bump at 15 weeks:

The period during which you show baby bump during the 2nd trimester , the height at which you show baby bump and the width of baby bump varies according to many different factors like your height, whether it’s a first time pregnancy or you had delivered many times before, do you suffer from abdominal fullness or bloating, etc.

If you have lax or weak abdominal muscles cannot support the baby well. So, their uterus is a little lower due to lack of proper support and women with such weak abdominal muscles have a baby bump which is at a very low level.

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Women with strong abdominal muscles or in the women who are pregnant for the first time, the baby bump at 15 weeks is at a higher level. Your height affects the width of your baby bump. Generally, the baby bump of women who are tall appears narrower than the women with short heights.

Sometimes, you may develop a pseudo-baby bump during the trimester, much early than the actual time at which your baby grows and the actual baby bump appears. This might happen because many women suffer from indigestion and abdominal fullness or bloating during the 2nd trimester or at 15 weeks.

Baby development at 15 weeks pregnancy:

The nervous system of the baby is developing during the 2nd trimester. The taste buds of the baby are completely developed during this time. The baby can differentiate different tastes at this time.

The heart, gallbladder, and kidneys of the baby start functioning well during this period. The heart of the baby pumps more than 25 liters of blood every single day. The liver produces bile and the kidney produces urine now.

The bones and muscles of the baby are also developing very well. The baby starts moving actively during the 2nd trimester. The baby can turn, move its wrists and fists. When the woman has a 15-week pregnant belly, the baby is approximately 4 inches or 10 cm in size and about 70 grams in weight.

Your baby’s ears are well developed at 15 weeks, so your baby can hear your voice very well. Your baby can even hear any music that you play now. Play soft subtle music to relax yourself and your baby.

During the 15th week of pregnancy, your baby’s toenails, fingernails, arms, and legs are developed very well. Now, your baby’s arms and legs are longer in size than your baby’s head.

Pictures of 15 weeks pregnant belly:

Let us look at some of the pictures of women having 15 weeks pregnant belly or baby bump.

15 weeks pregnant belly
15 weeks pregnant belly with single baby

Symptoms experienced by women with 15 weeks pregnant belly:

Although you become free from morning sickness experienced during the 1st trimester, you might still suffer from many other symptoms during the 2nd trimester or at 15 weeks of pregnancy. Let us look at some of the most common symptoms experienced at 15 weeks of pregnancy.


As you have a growing baby inside your belly, you will feel more hungry than usual. This might make you eat more food in one go. Consuming large quantities of food at one time during pregnancy can lead to indigestion and heartburn.

You might suffer from symptoms of indigestion like abdominal bloating or fullness, pain behind the sternum or below the ribs, reflux of food substances back into your mouth, etc.

Round ligament pain:

In order to accommodate the growing fetus or baby, your uterus at 15 weeks also stretches or enlarges. This puts pressure on a ligament called round ligament which supports your uterus.

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This pressure on round ligament produces a pain called round ligament pain. In this pain, you will experience abdominal pain when you develop a cough, sneeze, or if you stretch, roll in bed or perform any sudden movement affecting your abdomen.

But, round ligament pain is not harmful at all. It will resolve with time. But, you need to mention about this pain to your physician, so that he cab rule out other dangerous causes of abdominal pain during this time and so that you can be reassured.


Women having 15 weeks pregnant belly can also suffer fro occasional dizziness or fainting. This occurs due to tiredness or weakness that you experience during the 2nd trimester.

If you experience any such symptom, find a place to sit immediately and don’t move until you feel completely normal.

Joint laxity:

In order to prepare your body for delivering the baby, your body releases a hormone called relaxin during the 2nd trimester or at 15 weeks. This hormone relaxin makes your joints and muscles relaxed and loose.

You might experience that your joints and muscles feel loose and light. But, you need not worry about it as it’s just a normal physiological phenomenon.


Pregnancy is a time during which your body undergoes a lot of hormonal changes and sometimes you also might experience a lot of stress.

This can lead to headaches sometimes. If you experience a headache anytime during 2nd trimester or at 15 weeks, just try to sleep in a dark and quiet room. Also, try to massage your forehead with a cold compress. This will surely reduce your headache.


You might experience a lot of fatigue or tiredness and feel a lack of energy during the 2nd trimester. In order to feel energetic, eat good nutritious food, rest more and sleep well. You can also try relaxation techniques like meditation and breathing exercises to feel energetic and relaxed.

Changes in the mind:

Pregnancy can also affect your brain. Some studies have shown that the volume of your brain reduces during pregnancy. You might experience a loss of memory. You might forget very small things that you might have remembered before being pregnant.

But, you need not worry about it. It’s just a normal physiological change. You will surely get back your memory and brain power with time.

Nipple discharge:

Due to the hormonal changes in pregnancy, your breasts enlarge in size and also they start secreting some watery fluids.

These watery fluids are might stain your clothes. They are produced as the breast is becoming prepared to feed your baby after the delivery. You need not worry about such nipple discharge.

Enlarged feet and hands:

During the 2nd trimester of pregnancy or at 15 weeks, your body might retain a lot of fluid or water. This leads to the enlargement of your hands and feet. You might experience that your shoe size increases due to increased foot size. You might also find it hard to get a good grip when holding the objects due to enlarged hands.

Varicose veins:

Your veins get enlarged in size and they might appear like enlarged blue structures on your abdomen or belly. These are called varicose veins. Varicose veins are harmless. They are caused due to the excessive pressure exerted on the veins due to the enlarged abdomen and other body parts.

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Due to the effect of the pregnancy-related hormones, you might experience a swelling or inflammation of the gums called gingivitis. Women who don’t have good oral hygiene are particularly more prone to develop gingivitis.

So, to prevent the development of gingivitis, just take proper care of your oral cavity. Brush at least twice every day, once in the morning and again before going to bed. Also, floss your teeth properly at night. Flossing removes all the particles stuck between your teeth.


Sometimes, women with 15 weeks pregnant belly can also develop bleeding from the nose due to the effect of the hormonal changes occurring during pregnancy. If you find something abnormal with it, contact your healthcare provider immediately.

Nasal stuffiness:

You might feel that you have nasal congestion or stuffiness. You might experience this symptom even though you don’t have any cold or flu. This is just due to the hormonal changes in your body. It will clear up with time.

Braxton Hicks contractions:

You might experience some contractions of your uterus during 2nd trimester or at 15 weeks of pregnancy. These contractions are absolutely painless. You just sense some tightness in your belly.

These Braxton hicks contractions occur to prepare your body for the delivery of the baby. If you also develop any other symptoms like pain, vaginal discharge, etc, contact your physician to diagnose your condition promptly.

Tips for women with 15 weeks pregnant belly or women in 2nd trimester:

Avoid urinary tract infections:

During this time of pregnancy, you might develop urinary tract infections more often. So, try to take some precautions to avoid such infections.

Drink more water throughout the day. Whenever you have sex, try to go to the toilet immediately. Try to take cranberry juice. This juice helps in controlling urinary tract infections and also their prevention.

Avoid catching colds:

Colds or flu is caused by viral infections. This can adversely affect your baby’s development. So, take precautions to avoid catching a cold.

Drink lots of fluids. Eat foods and fruits rich in vitamin C like citrus fruits. They enhance your immunity and fight the viruses causing flu or colds. If you have developed cold during 2nd trimester consult your doctor for appropriate advice. Don’t use medicines by yourself as many drugs can harm the baby during pregnancy.

Relax a lot:

Relax a lot during your pregnancy. Try to sleep more often in a quite place. Try to listen to some relaxing or soothing music. Try to meditate more. Relaxation during your pregnancy reduces the intensity of symptoms like headaches, mental changes, etc. It is also good for the development of your baby.

Consult your doctor:

If you develop any abnormal symptoms like bleeding from the vaginal, abnormal smelling vaginal discharge, severe painful contractions, lack of movements of your baby or fetal movements, consult your doctor immediately without delay.

Also, consult your doctor if you have any symptoms of cold or flu, indigestion or any other problem. Never administer any drug by yourself during pregnancy as many drugs have detrimental effects on the development of the baby.

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