Anteverted uterus and getting pregnant: A to Z about it

Do you want to know the relation between anteverted uterus and getting pregnant. Did you just come across a scientific and medical term called, ‘anteverted uterus’ in your medical report? Anything that we do not know scares us, especially the fancy medical terms.

Women get anxious when they find something unknown in the medical results. The worst thing women can do is to worry about something which can be handled.

Your mind gets many queries such as –

  • Could it be something serious?
  • Does it require treatment?
  • Will it negatively affect my life?
  • Am I going to be fine?

You need to quit thinking about the negative aspects. When it comes to anteverted uterus and getting pregnant, you must know what it really means. You cannot arrive at conclusions without knowing what the condition truly means. Here is a post which talks about anteverted uterus and getting pregnant.

Read on to find out more about this particular condition. Firstly, let us start with anteverted uterus meaning. Without knowing the meaning, your mind will constantly think of the negative aspects.

What does anteverted uterus mean?

anteverted uterus and getting pregnant
Anteverted uterus and getting pregnant
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Anteverted uterus basically describes the condition in which the uterus is tilted. When we say anteverted uterus, it means that the uterus is tilting forward towards a woman’s abdomen. There is another term used for this condition, and it is called a retroverted uterus. In this case, the uterus is tilted towards the spine.

Since it depends on the position, there are two terms here – anteflexed uterus and retroflexed uterus. In the anteflexed uterus, the top of the uterus moves forward in the shape of C. In retroflexed, the uterus top is moving backwards.

Just so you know anteverted uterus is the most common position and almost 50% women have it. Different women are built differently, and since our bodies are not similar to each other, the inside organs will have some differences too.

Understanding the Uterus:

Where is the uterus located? What does it look like? We all know that it is an important organ for the reproduction process. It is a female reproductive organ which looks like a pear with thick walls.

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The other name for the uterus is the womb, and you might have heard this word from many people. The uterus is the place where the baby is housed during the gestation period. Anteverted uterus ultrasound will determine whether you are getting pregnant or not.

If a woman is healthy, her uterus or womb will weigh around 60 grams. It is 8 cm long and 3 cm deep. The fundus is the upper portion of the uterus in which the fertilised egg develops into a baby.

The fundus turns bigger when a woman gives birth. In menopause, this fundus turns smaller in size. This is only for women, who have no given delivery. The lower part is known as the cervix which leads to a woman’s vagina.

The cervix and the uterus are attached to the pelvis’s sidewalls by flexible ligaments. These ligaments allow the uterus to move forward or backwards. The normal position of the uterus is vertical and straight up.

Anteverted Uterus – Should I be worried?

As we said, the normal position of the uterus should be vertical and straight, in case it is anteverted, you should not be too anxious because it is not an abnormality. However, you must know that it might affect the reproduction process.

Anteverted uterus and getting pregnant could be a hassle for a bunch of women. Majority of the women will not realise that their uterus is tilted. It is at a later stage when a woman finds out about the uterus being tilted. It does not impact your health in any way or cause any poor health symptoms.

Since the ovaries are at a higher position, it may be a painful experience to have sexual intercourse with your partner. When it hurts during intercourse, it becomes discomforting for the woman, and she avoids getting intimate with her partner, and this could be a problem in the reproduction process.

Anteverted uterus and getting pregnant is a painful combination because the sexual intercourse will be painful.

If it is a case of severe tilting, the woman may find it difficult to urinate. Extreme tilting is not a good sign because it can cause hindrance in the process of fertilisation or in general, a good sex life. We shall discuss more fertility and anteverted uterus in the next section.

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Let us cut to the chase – Should you be worried?

The answer is NO! With excellent medical treatments and procedures, we would not be worried. Plus, the anteverted uterus is something which goes unnoticed for many women. If you feel that your anteverted uterus and getting pregnant is becoming difficult, you need expert advice.

You should not be worried till you actually experience discomfort or extreme pain. Let us understand the relationship between the anteverted uterus and getting pregnant.

Anteverted Uterus and getting pregnant – The Relation

Take a deep breath! You must know that anteverted uterus and getting pregnant do not have dire consequences. Majority of the women do not find any difficulties, and they conceive without any medical hassles. If it is a minor case of tilting, you will never even get to know that you have an anteverted uterus.

The anteverted uterus does not affect the fertility of a woman. Yes, in extreme cases, it becomes painful and unbearable. Many women have a particular question in their mind, and we shall answer it today.

Women who are not able to conceive think that anteverted uterus and getting pregnant has a direct relation! The first step that you need to take is to visit a good gynaecologist and get the test done.

A knowledgeable gynaecologist will do several tests and examine your inner workings. Once all the causes have been ruled out, the gynaecologist will indicate that your anteverted uterus is causing the hindrance. Do not conclude that you cannot get pregnant because of your health problem. In fact, we do not even consider it as a problem.

You must know that an anteverted uterus does not have a role to play in miscarriage, infertility or development of the baby. You can be at peace and speak to your gynaecologist about it. While there will be no problems related to the anteverted uterus, but a woman should go for regular checkups.

Anteverted uterus and getting pregnant does not have a strong relation. You can be sure that you will conceive with a uterus positioned in any way.

Why does the uterus tilt to a certain position?

Women are built differently and so, the positioning of the uterus will be different too. As we mentioned before, we all are made differently. Different women have different body types, and it could also be the change in the body which causes the tilting of the uterus.

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It could also be caused due to the friction and rubbing of different organs. Another possible cause is the pressure caused by the urinary bladder. Additionally, the tilt could be caused by pregnancy. It depends on the position of the baby as well. When the uterus gets stretched, it could cause the tilt.

The ligaments are useful for keeping the uterus in place. After the delivery of a baby, the ligaments may lose their ability to hold the uterus in the right place. It is possible that the uterus may get back to its normal position after childbirth, but for most women, the tilt remains.

Our body is amazing, and the inner workings surprise us to the core. Imagine that a small egg gets fertilised and grows into a baby. It is a miracle of nature and also a woman’s body. It is miraculous!

Also, you should not worry because anteverted uterus will not cause a hindrance in getting pregnant. Yes, you may have pain and discomfort during sexual intercourse, but that is only when the uterus is tilted to an extreme level.

Words from the Wise:

Should you be worried? No! Should you check with your gynaecologist? Yes, absolutely! We do believe that going to the doctor and checking the well-being of your reproduction system is always a good idea. As for anteverted uterus and getting pregnant is concerned, you do not have to worry about it.

If you think the cause of infertility is the anteverted uterus, it is time to call for an appointment and opt for the tests that your doctor recommends. It is always good to rule out the possibilities.

In most cases, you would never be able to feel that you have an anteverted uterus. Many women have the same condition, but they do not treat it as a medical problem.

Now that you know about the normal positioning of the uterus and how an anteverted uterus does not cause hindrance, you must double check with a gynaecologist and be at peace. You will have a baby in your own sweet time!


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