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Brown semen: 8 Causes, 3 Types, Remedies

What is keeping you awake these days? Let us guess! Is it the change of colour of your semen? It is a no-brainer that we expect our body to be healthy.

Noticing red or brown semen is not a good sign. If you are ejaculating brown semen, then you have landed on the right page as we have mentioned the causes, types, and remedies for the same.

Your mind thinks – Brown sperm what does that mean? So that you know, brown sperm can be seen when there is the presence of blood. The good news is that you can find out the cause now and the doctor will suggest a treatment for the same. If it is not a severe condition, you can use specific remedies for brown ejaculate.

Your concerns are valid, and you have full rights to know as to what is causing it! The discharge is thick and white; when it changes the color, and you ejaculate dark semen, it plants worries in our minds.

Additionally, you feel conscious of talking about it because it is indeed a private health problem. You are not the only one, and most of the men go through this health condition.

Let us check out the causes of dark semen. If you are ejaculating brown semen, it is time for you to learn more about the condition. You shall find all your answers here.

Possible Causes of Brown Semen:

brown semen
Brown semen
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Why is your sperm brown? The color is brown because there is the presence of blood. When we hear the word, ‘blood’, we get scared and think of all the scary diseases.

There are many possible causes of brown semen, and we have listed them below just for you. Take a look!


The first and most common cause of brown semen is an infection. For the fun of it, men do not use protection and the chances of getting a sexually transmitted disease become high. Brown semen could be caused by a sexually transmitted disease such as Chlamydia, Gonorrhea or Herpes.

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It could be an infection caused by the invasion of microorganisms such as virus, fungi and bacteria. These invade into a man’s body in multiple ways. One of them is sexual intercourse, and you must know that the fun lasts for a night, and one should think about their health first. Using protection could be a wise idea to avoid such infections from reaching your body.


The next cause for brown semen is inflammation. How does sperm production take place? Various organs are responsible for the same which include urethra, prostate gland, deferens, and epididymis, seminal vesicles. In case there is a swelling or inflammation of these organs, you will ejaculate brown semen.

Why does swelling occur? There are various possible reasons for the same. It could be trauma, irritation, infection or even a recent accident. If you find any of the organs being swollen, you must check with a doctor.

They will be able to tell you about the right treatment for this. It is best to treat this problem as an inflammation should not get worse in the coming days.

Injuries and Medical Surgeries:

Have you heard about hematospermia? When a man goes through medical procedures such as radiotherapy, prostate biopsy, and urological medical procedures, then they will get a condition called hemtospermia.

Another cause for brown semen is injuries around the penis or the testicles. When these parts are injured, you will find that your semen will not remain thick and white. There will be discolouration of the semen, and you will find that you are ejaculating brown semen.

Vascular Issues:

If the blood vessels get damaged, it could be possible that you will ejaculate brown semen.  This is because the blood vessels surround the reproductive system. In such cases, you must meet your doctor and find the right treatment.


In case there is a duct obstruction, you will find that you will ejaculate brown semen. You must know that when there is a duct obstruction, the blood vessel dilates and break which causes bleeding. If you find blood in your semen, it will change its colour.

Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia:

You must have heard about Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia. It is a condition when your prostate gets enlarged, and it pinches the urethra. This could be irksome and may also cause brown semen.

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Tumors and Polyps:

The tumor could be the cause of the brown semen. You must check with your doctor whether you have a cancer in your prostate or not. In case it is a cancerous tumor, it could affect the testicles, bladder, and other sexual organs.

Older men have a high risk of getting cancer, and it is advisable to check with a doctor to rule out cancer possibilities. We are not here to scare you, but it is best to take an expert’s opinion. Once you get to know that it is not cancer, you will be at peace.

Another condition is having polyps in the reproductive system which could be the cause of brown semen. Polyps feel like small bumps, and abnormal growth of the tissues causes it. Do note that these polyps are usually benign, but they can be cancerous as well.

Serious Medical Conditions:

Brown semen could also be caused by HIV, hypertension and other medical conditions. Reach out to your doctor to get the proper diagnosis. After all, health is wealth, and you must never ignore it.

Types of Semen:

So, we discussed the causes of brown semen, and in a way, you got your answers. You must also know the kinds of semen and what they are indicating to you.

We have listed the common types of semen. However, you should know that the brown or red semen may or may not go on its own in few days. If you find that there is pain during urination or irritation, then you must seek medical attention. The presence of blood is causing the sperm to be brown.

Your doctors will advise you about certain treatments which will help you to treat this condition.

Clear or Watery Semen:

If you are witnessing clear or watery semen, it could be caused by ejaculating frequently. In case a man masturbates many times, he would find that the semen will become clear or watery. Give it some time to ejaculate as the prostate gland takes time to produce fresh and thick semen.

Low sperm count could also cause clear semen. You must check with a doctor to treat this problem. In case you are trying to have a baby, your doctor will suggest you treatments for the same.

Yellow Semen:

If you are ejaculating yellow semen, you can still be at peace. For some people, it is normal to see yellow semen. When a man gets older, he may find that the semen is getting discoloured or changing color. If it is not clear or brown, then you can be at peace because it is not a severe condition.

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However, yellow semen could be caused by jaundice or an infection. Check with a doctor as to why you are ejaculating yellow semen.

White Semen:

The thick white semen looks cloudy and is a sign of good health. It usually has a sweet and bitter flavor. In case you find that the taste is unusual, the man should make some dietary changes. Adding fruits and vegetables to your diet may help in improving the taste.

Remedies of Brown Semen: Things You Must Know

Ejaculating brown semen is worrisome for a man, and you may get conscious about getting intimate with your partner. Majority of the men feel conscious and anxious after seeing a change in their semen color.

In case of HIV, infections, and inflammation, you must check with a doctor. They will advise you about the best treatments that you can opt for. There are some remedies for brown semen that you can follow. Consider them tips for staying far away from the condition.

Do not take medications which worsen the condition. Aspirins and some other drugs can cause brown semen.

Be careful about not getting injuries on your testicles or prostate gland. These are sensitive areas, and you must be cautious. In cases of sudden trauma, you have no control over it. Speak to your doctor if there are injuries on your testicles.

Dietary changes are necessary. You must drink lots of water and include fresh fruits in your diet.

Takeaway Advice:

Yes, we understand that the discolouration of semen is a severe cause of concern. You do not see different shades of semen on a daily basis, right? Your body is telling you that something is not right and you must check with a doctor immediately. So, do not ignore the signs your body is giving you and take an appointment. Also, you must be clear about your diet, lifestyle, habits, etc. Your doctor is going to ask you about the entire history!


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