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Beard Trimming and Maintenance: How Often Should You Do It?

Men don’t always take into consideration the necessity of trimming their beards as part of their grooming routine. However, it’s an essential component to maintaining the health of your beard hair. It can help keep your beard stylish and the hair from getting unruly.

The problem with beard maintenance is that most men don’t know how often they need to trim. You might want to grow your beard a little longer before doing any trimming in case you’re letting it grow out. You might cut it more frequently if you want it tighter to your face.

When you trim your beard, it’s not necessarily to take any length off of it. Your beard can remain about the same length, but when you trim you’re just looking to transform and shape it in a specific style. Trimming also helps keep the hair healthy and encourages thickness and growth.

So how often should you do it? While there’s no definitive answer, here are some helpful tips that can help you determine the frequency of your beard trimming and maintenance.

Beard Trimming and Maintenance
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Beards with Appropriate Stubble

With a beard, you’re going to get some stubble. For instance, if your beard extends to your mustache, you may want to keep it with a nice, sharp edge going to and from. Short stubble, or a 5 o’clock shadow, can and should be trimmed as often as every other day.

If you like your stubble to grow a little bit more (known as more of a designer stubble), you can let it grow a little longer before cutting it. The average recommendation for this type of stubbly beard is about four days. If you are beginning to experience hair loss, a shorter or stubbly beard might be more suited for you.

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The heavier stubble that’s sometimes referred to as the 10-day beard should have you trimming every six to eight days. The settings of your stubble can depend on the razor and your preference, but the designed stubble is usually around 1mm in length, with the 10-day being approximately 3mm.

A good beard trimmer or razor is the best way to achieve your beard style. There are plenty of natural oils for your beard that work well to help you create and maintain a specific style. It may take you some experimentation and practice to get the right lines in your beard. Over time, you’ll be able to do it more quickly and efficiently, but be sure to take your time if it’s only your first few attempts at achieving your bearded look.

Short Length Beards

Beards that are shorter and closer to your face are usually around 1 to 2 inches long. You should trim and maintain short beards around one to two times per week.

With a shorter beard, you have a lot of different styling options. Because of this, your trimming frequency can vary depending on your desired look. There are different areas of your beard you might trim more often than others.

Full-face short beards usually need to groom at least once every couple of weeks to maintain the same look.

Longer Beards

If you have a longer beard that’s maybe 4 inches in length or more, you can lengthen out your trimming sessions to around once every four to eight weeks. Depending on the style and how neat and clean you want the lines of your beard, you can trim anywhere within that length of time.

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You can also use some beard products and oils to keep the ends from breaking. You may want to achieve a more unkempt look, so you can push it past the eight-week mark without a trim if that’s your desire.

Keeping a more well-maintained and neat-looking beard, the frequency is going to prevent too many unruly hairs. Cutting and trimming also help ensure that you avoid split ends and breakage.

Trimming and Maintenance in Your Routine

Now you should know the optimal beard trimming frequency for your hair length and style type. It’s not necessarily going to be precisely how you plan to trim your own beard. Every beard can grow differently; you may have a more challenging time if your body hair is naturally coarse or unruly and you want to trim more frequently rather than wait.

The ideal method for trimming is ultimately up to you, but you should ensure that you keep your beard trimmed to maintain its health and vitality. If you’re new to having a beard, it will take you some time to figure out your best style (you might want to experiment with different ones at first) and how often you plan to keep up with your trimming.

It depends on how you want to style your beard and how neat and trimmed you want it to look each day. Happy trimming!

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