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Clear semen: 9 Causes, 7 Remedies, When to see doctor

Today, we shall discuss clear semen, the causes, and remedies for it. A man’s semen is thick and whitish. However, a man gets frightened and worries when the colour or the thickness of the semen changes.

Are you experiencing personal health problems? Majority of the men and women cannot talk about their private problems in the open, and it is a matter of shame for them.

Why is that so? Our bodies experience many changes, and it is possible that some health issues will occur. There is a fix for every health issue, and we are sure that your private problem can be solved too!

The question you have in your mind is – Why is my cum clear? When we say clear semen, we are referring to light and translucent texture. Is it a matter of concern? If we look at it from your perspective, we would say that you must find out the cause for it.

Do note that a thin and watery texture of the semen could be a temporary condition and it will get resolved in a matter of a few days.

Here is a post which discusses the causes and remedies of clear semen. It is best to read this post before you pay a visit to the doctor.

We understand that you feel conscious of narrating the clear semen tales to your friends and family. It probably affects your sex life too! This post will clear a lot of doubts regarding the clear semen problem. Take a look!

What is semen?

clear semen
Clear semen
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Semen is a thick and white discharge which comes out from the man’s urethra. The semen carries fluid and sperm from the prostate glands and the other male organs. Usually, you would find that it is thick, rich and white in texture and colour.

However, due to certain conditions, a man can ejaculate clear semen. It may even change colour and consistency, and this could be due to many reasons.

Watery clear semen could be caused due to many reasons, and we have listed them in the next section. For some, it may be a matter of concerns while others should relax as it might be a temporary condition.

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The Underlying Causes of Clear Semen:

Clear watery sperm can be a temporary condition, but the majority of the men find it scary. Should you be concerned? Well, it depends on the cause of the clear semen. The causes are listed below for your understanding.


As you start growing, your sperm count may become low, and you will start ejaculating clear semen. Even young boys may find that their semen is watery because their body is still in the process of development. The body goes through many changes when they hit puberty.

Nutrient deficiency:

Having a balanced diet is necessary. When a man has a nutrient deficiency, they may find that their semen is watery and not as white as it is supposed to be.


An injury could be the cause of this problem. If there is a problem with the tubes that carry the semen, then it is possible that you will find clear watery semen.

Problems with fertility:

Fertility problems can arise when your lifestyle is poor. It could be genetics or a case of hormonal imbalance. There is secondary infertility when a couple has a child, and the problem of clear semen arises.

You need to speak with a doctor and find out the cause of infertility. After having the first baby, there will be problems with having another one. This problem needs to be addressed by the man.

Low sperm count:

You may have heard about a condition called oligospermia. This is when a man has a low sperm count. It could be due to tumors, hormone imbalance, swelling, and infection.

In such cases, you need to meet the doctor because they would be able to prescribe the best remedy for the same. When the sperm count is lower than 15 million sperm per milliliter of semen, then it is likely that you would ejaculate clear semen.

Frequent ejaculation:

If you are masturbating multiple times in a day, you might get clear watery sperm. In case this is the cause of the clear semen, you should not be worried.

Your body requires a few hours to reproduce fresh, thick and white semen and you must take a break before you ejaculate. Give your body at least 5 hours to produce fresh and thick semen. Frequent ejaculation is not a serious problem, but you must give your body a break.

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Retrograde ejaculation:

Retrograde ejaculation is a common ejaculation problem. If this is the case, then you must meet your doctor. The semen enters the bladder instead of going through the urethra.

Zinc deficiency:

According to research conducted by scientists, it has been discovered that men with zinc deficiency ejaculate thin cum/semen.


Pre-ejaculation is a condition when the man ejaculates during foreplay. This contains a small number of sperms and does not look thick or white. If you get pre-cum, it will not be thick in consistency. You will find watery and clear semen. Just know that it is not a cause for concern!

Remedies of Clear Semen:

There are several methods which can help you to perk up the quality of your semen. We have listed them below!

Weight management:

According to a research, it was found that men with high BMI have a low sperm count. When there is low sperm count, it leads to ejaculation of watery and clear semen. It is best to manage your weight and eat a balanced meal. Obesity could cause low sperm count, and it is best to have a healthy BMI.

Stress reduction:

We do believe that stress has a prominent role to play in poor health. When you manage stress, half of your problems will step out of the door. A lot of stress could also cause clear semen, and you must perform yoga or do meditation to be at peace.

Safe Sex:

Always wear a condom while having sex! We usually make a mockery of the condom advertisements, but we are missing the importance of these condoms. Sexually transmitted diseases can be a cause of infertility, and it is wise for you to have safe sex. It is better to be safe than sorry!

Bid Adieu to Cigarettes and Alcohol:

Alcohol and cigarette smoking is not suitable for your health. Do you enjoy sex? Sex is a biological need, and everyone enjoys it. It is undoubtedly better than consuming alcohol or smoking cigarettes. If you wish to enjoy sex and avoid having clear semen, then you must quit these habits.

Get good night’s rest:

Your body needs rest because we are always on the move. We live in a competitive world where everyone is running in a rat race. You need good night’s rest for quality sperm. Your brain is responsible for releasing the sex hormones, and you must give it proper rest.

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Dietary Changes:

One of the causes of low sperm count or watery semen is a zinc deficiency. You must have a balanced diet to be healthy. Include zinc-rich foods in your diet and see the change in few days.

Minimal Exercises:

When a man exercises too much, the quality of the sperm gets compromised. It is best to avoid working out too much! We usually find men working out for hours, but we miss the fact that the testicles have specific temperature and once we disturb that, it harms the quality of the sperms.

When should you seek help?

When a man ejaculates clear semen, they get worried and think that it is a severe problem. In the majority of the cases, it is a temporary condition.

You should not get worried because there is a medical fix for low sperm count, injuries, infertility, and infections. When you find the cause for the clear ejaculate, you would know what to do.

In case it is premature ejaculation, frequent ejaculation, age, or nutrition deficiency, you must not worry because these are natural. For zinc deficiency, you can improve your diet. Retrograde ejaculation, low sperm count, infections, and fertility problems need medical attention.

Takeaway Advice for Men:

Now that you are aware of the causes and remedies of clear semen, you can be watchful and seek medical attention. Some causes are natural and do not require medical help. In cases of premature ejaculation, age, or frequent ejaculation, you can relax and let time pass.

You must give your body 5 hours to produce fresh semen. As for age, you will experience the changes in your body as you hit puberty. Once you grow older, the semen will turn thick and white.

Just follow the remedies that we have, and you will see a noticeable change. In case of infection, injuries, infertility and low sperm count, you must meet your doctor and discuss these problems.

They will recommend a proper treatment or therapies for the same. Do note that there is a fix for this problem. You need to lead a healthy lifestyle and address the health problem at the right time.


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