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Blue urine: 4 Causes, Remedies, When to see doctor

Blue urine, have you ever experienced this problem. It can be quite worrisome. Let’s try to explore all the possible causes and remedies of this problem in this article.

The rainbow has several colours and so does the sky. The sky changes its colour every now and then. It is common to see this natural change in the environment as the seasons change as well. Who knew that even urine has several shades and changes colour? Just so you know, the urine could be blue, yellow, clear, and even red.

Are you passing blue urine? Your first reaction would be to panic. Isn’t it human? When our body passes a different colour stool, we get scared. Our mothers tell us that if the urine is a certain colour, then it is dehydration.

We start worrying when our urine is in red and look for the possible causes. What if your urine colour is blue? If the answer is a resounding YES, then this post is meant for you.

When you do not see clear or yellow urine, it plants fear in your mind. It is an instinct that worries us, and we directly reach our family doctor. Everyone considers this as a private health issue, but you would feel calmer to know that it is a common health condition.

In this post, we shall disclose the blue urine causes, remedies and a lot more about the health condition. So that you know, the causes could be harmless and some could be deadly for your health. Read on to find out more about the blue urine condition.

The Underlying Causes of Blue Urine:

blue urine
Blue urine
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You have been passing blue urine, and we understand that a lot of concerns may be playing on your mind. There are certain conditions in which the pee/urine changes its colour and turns blue. Sometimes, you would be astonished to see that you would be able to compare your urine with blue glass cleaner.

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It could be due to dietary changes or the medications you are taking.

What causes blue urine? Let us find out, my friend!


When an individual is on particular medications, they may pass blue urine. It is fairly common for those, who take Viagra. Just so know that any medication which uses blue dye could change the colour of your urine. Viagra is a small blue pill, and it is used for sexual purposes. The dye in the pill may be one of the blue urine causes.

You may have heard about an antibiotic known as Rinsapin. Individuals who are on this medication may find their urine changing colours. It could be blue or green. Rinsapin is an antibiotic which is used for a staph infection.

There are many medications which use a blue dye. The blue dye could be the cause of passing blue urine, and you must check with your doctor for the same. Before popping in a pill or any medication given by the doctor, you must check whether it has added colours or dye.

This will assure you that your urine may change its colour. It should not be surprising because your urine will change its colour in case you are ingesting dye-coloured pills and medications.

Foods containing dye:

There are certain foods which may contain blue dye. When a business uses food dye to colour their food products, you may never come to know whether it was a natural colour or an added one. However, if you do find that you are passing blue urine, it could be caused by eating dyed foods.

Blue Diaper Syndrome aka Familial Hypercalcemia:

This is an inherited condition which is caused due to the high levels of calcium in the blood. It is also known as blue diaper syndrome. Familial Hypercalcemia could be the causes of blue urine condition. The blue diaper syndrome is a scarce condition and does not happen to many people.


When there is a high level of indican in the urine, it may be possible that you pass blue urine.

These were the possible causes of the health condition, and now let us move on to the remedies for blue urine.

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The Remedies for Blue Urine:

We would not say that blue urine is a threat to your health. However, we do believe that in case it is related to a medical condition such as familial hypercalcemia or Indicanuria, then you must consult with a doctor. Your doctor would be able to provide the necessary treatment.

As for dyes in food and medications, you must avoid eating foods with added colours. For most of us, the changing of the colour of the urine could be a serious concern. However, it is not harmful to your health.

Most drugs, medications, and foods contain blue dye. You can either avoid popping such dyed pills and foods, or you must get used to the colour of the urine. In such cases, you do not have to seek medical attention.

When should you seek help?

You will find many foods in the market which have added colours/dyes. There are candies, desserts, cakes, and much more. Track down the last food item you had or the medication you took.

Men who take Viagra may find that their urine starts to change colour. This is due to the dye, and one should not panic in such conditions.

You must cut down the foods which are causing the blue urine and stop taking the medications too. Once you have withdrawn from the medications and coloured foods, you should pay close attention to the colour of your urine. Did it change after the dietary changes?

If it does, then you have nothing to worry about. The discolouration is only due to the dyes and added colours. For your mental satisfaction, you can speak to your doctor, and tell them about what you ate in the past few days or hours. They will tell you the same thing!

If your urine stays blue, then you need to call your doctor. It could be Indicanuria or Familial Hypercalcemia. As per us, calcium is right for your body, but everything should be balanced. Follow a balanced diet which does not have too much calcium.

If this condition is hereditary, then your doctor will prescribe you some medicines and treatments.

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We do believe that blue urine is not something to panic about. As long as you do not see blood in your urine, you are on the safer side.

Takeaway Advice for Readers:

Are you still worried about the blue urine condition? Do note that in most cases, it is not a serious concern. Once you stop eating dyed foods or taking dyed medications, you will find that your urine will get back into the same normal colour.

If you still find that your urine is blue, you would need to check with a doctor if it genetics or a medical condition which is causing this problem.

Let us tell you the true story of a well-known personality, who peed blue. Everyone knows about King George III as he ruled the American Revolution.

It is not surprising to know that he passed blue urine as well! King George III had porphyria, and the attacks of it would come and go. He was the famous king who passed blue urine, and according to sources, King George went mad.

We understand that you might be scared of the changed colour of your urine, but many people have gone through the same phase. If you wish to track down as to why your urine is turning blue or any other colour, you must check the medications that you are taking.

It is best to avoid coloured foods. However, there are times when in social situations, you might get tempted to eat something which looks like a natural blueberry.

Some cakes have added colours, and so does other desserts. There is nothing to worry about in such cases. Most people believe that they have porphyria after noticing the blue coloured urine.

It is a myth! When a person has porphyria, the urine turns violet/purple. See the colour closely and then form an opinion. It is best to check with a general physician before you come to any conclusions.

Just know that it can be fixed. If it is a medical condition, the best bet is to speak to your family doctor. They know the best treatment for you!


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