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Prostate milking-Health Benefits, Correct way of doing it

“Prostate milking” Have you ever heard of this term. Many people have questions like what is prostate milking, how to milk the prostate, what are the benefits of doing the prostate milking, how to do the prostate milking, etc.

Let us find answers for all of your questions in this article. Prostate milking is the practice of massaging the prostate gland and then discharging the prostate fluids. This prostate milking is done for both health benefits and pleasure.

Health benefits of prostate milking:

prostate milking

There are numerous health benefits of prostate milking. Let us try to explore some such benefits.

Improves health of prostate glands:

There are many men who suffer from prostatitis. This can cause swelling or inflammation of the prostate gland, and also the pain. Not many medications help with reduction of the pain produced by prostate problems. Prostate milking can be really effective in reducing prostate pain, swelling and improving the health of the prostate gland.

Prevents prostate disorders:

The prostate gland in men can suffer from many disorders like prostatitis, BPH, and prostate cancer. All the disorders have many unbearable symptoms like affecting the urination, feeling painful, etc.

Prostate milking helps in proper drainage of the prostate fluids. This helps in prevention of various prostate disorders affecting the men.

Prevents prostate cancer:

Prostate cancer is a really dreadful condition. It can affect the man suffering from it in a worse possible manner. It can even spread to other parts of the body like lungs, bones, etc and become lethal. Prostate milking keeps the prostate gland healthy and reduces the risk of prostate cancer.

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It’s pure pleasure:

Apart from the numerous health benefits of prostate milking, this massage of the prostate gland gives extreme pleasure to the man. Many men prefer to do prostate milking just for the sake of pleasure.

You can also involve your partner to do the prostate milking. This enhances your pleasure as you are being intimate with your partner. Many women also disclose that they enjoy prostate milking as they are being close to their loved man.

How to do prostate milking?

Knowing the correct technique of prostate milking is absolutely essential to avoid damaging your prostate gland. So, let us look at the correct steps you need to do to milk your prostate gland.

There are two ways to do the prostate milking. They are the internal prostate massage and the external prostate massage. Let us look at how to do internal prostate massage at first.

Internal prostate massage steps:

1. Empty your bladder and pass bowels:

Your bladder and alimentary canal need to be clear if you want to perform prostate milking properly. Pass your bowels and urinate beforehand and be prepared well in advance.

2. Sitz bath:

Sitz bath is really good at relaxing all the muscles of your pelvic region. You need to take a tub full of warm water. Then sit in this tub of water for few minutes. Alternatively, you can also take a hot water shower and make your perineal and pelvic region clean.

3. Trim your fingernails:

If your fingernails are big, they can injure your genitalia. So, trim them short.

4. Wear a glove:

Wear a latex glove to perform the prostate milking. You need to apply sufficient lubricant over the finger which you wish to use to perform the prostate massage. Always try to use water-based lubricants like K-Y jelly.

5. Have a proper relaxing position:

First, undress. Place a towel at the region where you wish to sit. Then sit on the towel. Place few pillows behind you to make you comfortable. Then pull your legs and knees towards your chest and place them inclined outwards.

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6. Massage your alimentary canal opening:

As you are starting off with doing the prostate massage, your lower body muscles tend to be stiff and unrelaxed. First, you need to relax your gastrointestinal tract opening muscles as we need to insert our finger into the lower part of alimentary canal to reach the prostate gland.

Apply adequate lube onto your gloved middle finger. Then massage your alimentary tract muscles gently with the fingers. Allow at least 5 minutes to massage these muscles to facilitate proper relaxation.

7. Move your finger inside alimentary canal:

Now, after your anal muscles are relaxed, you need to move your finger gently into the alimentary canal. As you move about 2 inches above the opening of the gastrointestinal tract, you find an elongated structure, which is your prostate gland.

8. Massage your prostate:

Now, massage your prostate gland with gentle movements. You can also perform kegel exercises, that is contracting and relaxing your alimentary canal muscles rhythmically while massaging your prostate gland.

You need to massage your prostate for about 10 minutes to 15 minutes. Then you will notice that prostate fluid is released and drained through your male genital organ. In simple terms, fluid flows through your male genital organ. This is called prostate milking.

9. Enjoy the sensation:

Now, you have achieved the prostate milking. It gives you extreme pleasure. Just, enjoy the pleasure of prostate milking now. It will also give you many health benefits too.

External prostate massage:

External prostate massage is done by massaging the perineum. It is also known as the taint area or the male G-spot. The perineum is the region between the opening of the alimentary canal and the scrotal sacs and it is shaped like a diamond.

You can use oils like castor oil or any lubricant to massage your perineum. This makes massaging the prostate very easy. You can also take the help of certain devices which are specially designed to do the external prostate massage.

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While doing external prostate massage, you can squeeze or contract your alimentary canal muscles. This is called Kegels exercises. They increase the pleasure of doing external prostate massage.

Some Precautions for prostate milking:

Though prostate milking is highly beneficial, it has its share of side effects if you don’t follow proper precautions while doing it. So, just read on and try to follow all the precautions.

Men with prostatitis:

Prostatitis is caused by microbial infection of the prostate gland. If you are suffering from acute prostatitis or you have developed prostatitis just now, it’s advisable not to milk your prostate right now. If you do so, the infection can spread throughout your body.

You can do prostate milking if your acute prostatitis subsides. Men with a history of acute prostatitis, but doesn’t have an active infection right now can surely perform prostate milking.


Prostate milking involves the stimulation of the prostate gland through the alimentary canal. Hemorrhoid or piles are the enlargements of your veins of the lowest part of the alimentary canal. If you try to milk your prostate when having hemorrhoids, it can irritate your hemorrhoidal veins and lead to bleeding.

So, always take your doctor’s advice if you are suffering from hemorrhoids and want to milk your prostate.

Men with prostate cancer:

Prostate milking is a good way to stimulate the prostate gland and to prevent prostate cancer. But, if you are already suffering from prostate cancer, you need to avoid milking the prostate. If you do so, it can spread or metastasize the cancer cells to various parts of the body.

Prostatic stones:

Some men suffer from stones or calculi in their prostate gland. If you are suffering from such a problem, you should avoid stimulating your prostate with massage as it can injure your gland.

The technique of prostate milking:

The appropriate technique has to be maintained while milking prostate. Otherwise, it can lead to permanent damage of your prostate gland.

You have seen the health benefits of prostate milking, the technique, and steps to do this process and also the precautions to take while milking the prostate. Have you ever tried prostate milking? How did you feel about it?

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