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Penis smells fishy: 7 Causes, Treatments, Prevention

Does your penis smell in a peculiar way? If penis smells fishy, you should not be ashamed of it because the majority of the men are facing this problem. You are not alone in this! It is not unusual to get a fishy smell from your penis.

Men are usually conscious about their penis size and the way it smells. You like to keep it scented and healthy! One fine day, you wake up, and you smell something funny in your pants. When your penis smells fishy, it is a sure-shot sign of an underlying condition.

Firstly, you should stop panicking because this problem can be treated! You are not facing this problem alone, as many men deal with a funny and distasteful smell from their penis. The key is to find a treatment and understand what caused this problem!

If your penis smells fishy, it could be a small health issue which can be treated at home. There are multiple causes of the smelly penis, and we shall discuss that in this post.

Here is a post which talks about the symptoms, causes and treatments for a smelly penis. You will get to know everything that you need to know why your penis smells like fish and the possible treatments for the same.

Read on to find out more!

The Underlying Causes of a Fishy Penis Smell:

penis smells fishy
Penis smells fishy
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There are some causes behind a smelly penis. When your penis smells fishy, you must understand the cause for the same.

We have listed some of the causes below. You must go through them to understand the health condition.


Gonorrhea is a sexually transmitted disease which could be the cause of the smelly penis.

Urinary Tract Infection:

When a man is having urinary tract infection, it is his foul smelling urine which causes the fishy odour.


Chlamydia is a sexually transmitted infection which occurs when you have sexual intercourse with an infected person. The symptoms are abnormal discharge, pain, swelling and a burning sensation while urinating.

Yeast Infection:

Yeast infection causes a cheesy discharge and a foul smell. You would be surprised to know that yeast lives in the healthiest bodies. Yeast infection could get sexually transmitted as well!

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When your partner has a yeast infection, she could transmit the same to you. This is the reason why your penis smells fishy!


Smegma is the build-up of skin cells, oils and moisture around the penis. It is common for uncircumcised men. When a man sweats a lot, and there is build up of bacteria around the shaft, this could be the reason as to why your penis smells fishy.


When the head of your penis gets inflamed, it is the sign of balanitis. This usually happens when you have unprotected sex, infection or smegma builds up.


Your penis smells fishy because you have a condition called Ketonuria. This is caused when you have Type 1 diabetes or due to starvation.

The Best Treatment for Fishy Penis Smell:

If your penis smells fishy, there is nothing to worry about it. The best way is to actually stay clean and bathe regularly. However, there are certain medical conditions which could be the cause of a smelly penis.

The treatment depends on the underlying cause. If you have a yeast infection or you have urinary tract infection, then a visit to the doctor would be helpful. Your doctor would be able to advise you about the best treatment for the same.

When your penis smells fishy, you must find out the cause for it. In cases of urinary tract infection or yeast infection, the doctor would advise you to apply antibacterial penis creams which contain Vitamin A.

Do note that when a penis smells fishy, it does not have to be a serious problem. It can get resolved once you take a bath twice in a day. High-quality moisturising creams can keep your penis smooth and fresh all day long.

If you are uncircumcised, you would need to pull the foreskin back and wash your penis twice in a day. When you are urinating, the urine/pee remains under the foreskin. Uncircumcised men should take special care that their penis stays bacteria-free and free from urine.

  • In case of UTI, your doctor would prescribe you over the counter medicines. Antibiotics will be given to you for treating this condition.
  • In case of yeast infection, your doctor would give you medications to clear the fungal infection. Gonorrhoea is a sexually transmitted disease which requires treatment. Your doctor will prescribe an injection and oral medicine.
  • In case of Balanitis, you must take a bath with Epsom salt water. This will diminish the swelling around your penis. Do not leave this condition untreated because your penis could become stiff and you may lose the power to retract.
  • In case of smegma, you should pull your foreskin back and wash your penis with soap and water. This will remove all the bacteria and deposits. This way the odour will vanish!
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When your penis smells fishy, you must meet the doctor immediately. In the case of STD’s, your doctor would need to treat you.

How to find relief/avoid the reoccurrence?

To avoid the fishy smell from penis, you should follow some necessary tips. This would help in giving relief, and you would not get the same funny odour again.

Keep the following tips in your mind:

  • Wear white cotton underwear which is loose.
  • You must trim the hair around your penis. It is called pubic hair.
  • Wear condoms and never have unprotected sex.
  • Do not have sex with someone, who might have a chance of having a sexually transmitted disease.
  • Cleaning your penis after sexual intercourse is necessary. This way the bacterium gets removed and your penis remain clean.
  • Bathing regularly is advisable. Do not skip the bath in the morning! You must keep yourself clean every single day.
  • If you are uncircumcised, you must make sure that you clean the area underneath the foreskin. The dirt builds up under the foreskin which causes the fishy penis smell.

When should you seek your doctor’s advice?

If you practice good hygiene, you would not need to see your doctor. However, there are some serious problems which require you to pay a visit to the doctor. Do note that you would need to take the advice of your doctor in case of a serious health condition.

You must see your doctor when:

  • You see white chunks around the penis area.
  • Your penis smells fishy.
  • You feel a burning sensation while urinating/peeing.
  • There is redness and swelling around the penis.
  • There is abnormal discharge.
  • There are rashes around anus, penis and thigh area.
  • There are irritation and itching around the penis area.
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If you are getting these symptoms, then it is time for you to call up your doctor and take an appointment.

Just like your overall health is important, your sexual health is equally important. Your partner’s sex drive decreases after being exposed to the funny smell from your penis.

It is a matter of concern because your confidence decreases and you do not want your penis to smell fishy! It is the last thing a man would want because everyone wants a satisfying sex life. So, it is advisable for you to visit the doctor and tell him/her the symptoms.

The doctor would be able to provide you with the best treatment/advice! So that you know, it might be a small problem and it might not even require medical treatment.

Words from the Wise:

Did you like the post? We hope that it was helpful for you. As a man, you probably feel ashamed that your penis smells fishy, but you do not have to panic because the above-mentioned treatments will work for you!

When your penis smells fishy, you should check with a doctor, and before doing that, you should try the remedies. They might just work for you! If the underlying cause is poor hygiene, you can work on that and apply a good penis health crème.

If the cause is sexually transmitted diseases, then you have to check with your doctor about the possible treatments.

When it is about poor hygiene, you can improve it by wearing airy underwear and patting the penis to keep it dry. If your penis smells fishy, you must find out the cause and then look for the necessary steps to fix the problem.

If you feel that this article useful, share it with your circle as someone might just benefit from this! Also, show us some liking by liking this post. Men are usually discreet about their sexual health problems, and they feel it is something to be ashamed about. Don’t be!

In most cases, it is not a cause of serious concern, and you should be relaxing! When your penis smells fishy, you must take a long shower and improve your hygiene. This should work for you!

Stay clean and hydrated, amigo!


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