Popped blood vessel in hand: Causes, Symptoms, Treatments

Popped blood vessel in hand Can be really annoying. So, let’s try to explore its causes, symptoms and treatment options.

A small quantity of blood comes out of the blood vessels into your body when any of your blood vessels got ruptured. Sometimes is a script that can be visualised just under the skin surface. Rupturing or bursting of blood vessels can happen due to different reasons. However, it usually happens because of an injury.

These are bursting of blood vessels and resulting bleeding may appear as purpura (large and flat patches of blood under the skin), or as petechiae (small dots). Sometimes other marks can also be mistaken for bleeding under the skin such as birthmarks.

You can easily identify true bleeding under the skin by pressing the area. Normal skin gets pale upon pressing, but the original redness returns when the pressure is off. When you have under the skin bleeding then that area will not turn pale upon pressing.

In general, beneath the skin bleeding can happen because of trivial bruising. The size of such plating can be as minute as a small dot (like a pinprick) or bigger than the hand of an adult male.

However, bleeding benefit the skin can be the sign of a more serious medical situation as well that needs the urgent intervention of healthcare professionals.

Therefore, if there is a big patch or the number of patches of blood showing under your skin, then seek immediate advice from your physician. You should also consult healthcare professionals if bleeding under your skin is not related to any recent injury.

Usually, the bursting of blood vessels in hand (commonly called popped blood vessel in hand) is caused by an injury or some minor trauma (getting hit by someone or bumping into something). Mostly these injuries happen to your limbs and because of minor accidents.

For instance, if someone hits you or you are trying to break anything using your hand (a piece of wood) then you may end up having some popped blood vessel in hand under the skin of your fingers from the force of the blows.

The appearance of patch or dot under the skin due to popped blood vessel in hand is because of the blood clots formed there. The clot also hampers the fast flow of blood through the vessels causing bulging to the blood vessels of the area.

This, in turn, results in increased pressure causing further rupture of blood vessels and more blood oozing out under the skin (increase in pressure inside the arteries weakens their walls).

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Generally, small instances of bursting blood vessels under the skin of your hand or popped blood vessel in hand do not need medical attention and get healed on its own. It usually takes around two weeks for the patch to disappear, but consult your physician if no visible improvement can be noticed even after two weeks.

Common causes behind Popped blood vessel in hand:

popped blood vessel in hand
Popped blood vessel in hand
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You can  develop popped blood vessel in hand because of various reasons such as:

  • Hand bumping suddenly into some hard objects
  • Trying to support something heavy with your hands
  • Trying to break some hard object with your hands
  • You have high blood pressure
  • You are suffering from malnutrition
  • You are developing bruises due to aging

You may also have bleeding under your skin or popped blood vessel in hand due to:

  • Side effects from radiation
  • Side effects from chemotherapy
  • Side effects from medication
  • Development of bruises
  • Birth problems
  • Autoimmune disorders
  • Blood infections
  • Allergic reactions
  • Different forms of injuries

Many diseases and infections may result in bleeding under your skin. Some of these diseases include:

  • Sepsis, which is an inflammatory response throughout your body because of severe bacterial infection
  • Strep throat, which is a form of bacterial infections that are responsible for a sore throat
  • Leukemia, a sort of cancer affecting the blood cells
  • Meningitis, which causes inflammation in the membranes that surround the spinal cord and brain

You should consider immediate medical consultation if you are having the following symptoms:

  • Associated bleeding in stool, urine, nose, or gums
  • Your extremities are getting swelled
  • The skin is darkening at the affected area
  • A lump is forming on the area of bleeding under the skin
  • Significant bleeding is taking place with an open wound
  • You are experiencing pain at the affected area

Symptoms of popped blood vessel in hand:

Bursting of blood vessels or popped blood vessel in hand and subsequent bleeding under the skin of your hands has the following symptoms:

  • Swelling in the affected area of the skin
  • In some cases, an associated fracture in the bone may take place
  • Some pain (minor) may be felt upon touching the affected area
  • The outermost layer of your skin at the affected area has a dark or bright red appearance
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In case you have developed bleeding under the skin in your hand or popped blood vessel in hand which is not going away, and you do not know the exact cause behind it, you should immediately contact your physician even if the affected area is not painful (even after touching).

You can easily identify bleeding under your skin through visual inspection. But you need to consult a physician to determine the actual cause behind such bleeding.

Your physician needs to have more information for the determination of the cause that is responsible for the bleeding. He/she may need to evaluate your medical history to understand it. Usually Healthcare professional ask some common questions to understand your case such as:

  • Whether you have any family history of similar bleeding disorder?
  • Whether the affected area is itching?
  • Whether the affected area is paining?
  • Whether there was an injury to the affected area?
  • Whether you commonly use heavy machinery?
  • Whether you are involved in any form of contact sports?
  • Whether there are other associated symptoms as well?
  • When you first noticed the bleeding and when it started?

The healthcare professional may also ask you about any possible treatment that you have received earlier to treat any medical condition. It is also your responsibility to inform your physician whether you are taking any particular medication or herbal supplements.

This is because many medicines can result in bleeding under your skin such as blood thinners, steroids, aspirin etc. Try to give an accurate answer as far as possible of the above questions to guide your physician in the right direction to understand the actual cause behind the bleeding under the skin in your hand.

The bleeding under the skin of your hand may occur because of some underlying medical problems or the side effects of medicines you are taking.

The healthcare professionals often suggest urine or blood examination to identify or rule out possible infections or other medical problems. They can also perform ultrasound or imaging scan of the affected area if initial tests remain inconclusive and to understand whether there are any injuries in the tissues or fractures in the bones.

Common and natural treatments for popped blood vessel in hand:

In most cases, bursting of blood vessels under your skin is a harmless and minor issue. Usually, they get healed within a week or two without any medical intervention. However, you can try the following home remedies to speed up the healing process.

  1. Put the affected area in your hand inside ice while keeping the hands above the level of your heart
  2. Try to minimise the movement of your hands to avoid further injuries
  3. Application of constant pressure at the affected area for over 15 to 20 minutes by putting a clean cloth over it may help (you can continue applying pressure till the bleeding stops)
  4. Apply warm compress at the affected area after 12 to 24 hours of the injury to improve circulation and fasten the healing process
  5. If you are finding it difficult to control the bleeding, then seek for medical help. your physician may apply topical cream/ lotion containing vitamin K that will help to enhance blood clotting
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There are various options for treatment available depending on the reasons behind the bleeding under the skin of your hand or popped blood vessel in hand. Your physician can determine the treatment procedure to be followed for your case.

In case you are suffering from any medical conditions or infections, you may be offered prescribed medications to stop the bleeding.

But, if the medication you are taking for other diseases is causing the bleeding, then you may have to stop it and look for alternate medicines or treatment options. If bleeding under your skin reappears after a successful treatment procedure, then contact your physician immediately.

Home remedies for popped blood vessel in hand:

You can opt for home remedies if you are confident that the bleeding under your skin is taking place because of some injuries. Take the following steps in such cases:

  1. If possible keep your injured limb in an elevated position
  2. Treat the affected area with ice packs (do not use for more than 10 minutes at a stretch)
  3. Relieve pain with over-the-counter medicines such as ibuprofen and acetaminophen
  4. You can take vitamin K supplements as well that will promote blood clotting and will help in stopping the bleeding
  5. Get to a healthcare professional if the injury is not healing after home treatments

The outlook for popped blood vessel in hand:

Bleeding under your skin because of popped blood vessel in hand should get healed without any treatment if trivial injuries cause it. If it becomes a persistent and recurring problem or if the bleeding is treating or continuing after one to two weeks then you need to take professional help. Call for your physician immediately in such circumstances.

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