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How To Get Wider Hips Naturally

The coveted hourglass figure that women all over the world strive to have is characterized by wide shoulders, a small waist, and big hips. This may seem like a frivolous thing to strive for but it has been proven by various studies that this body shape is ideal because it signifies youth and good health. Whether you want to get bigger hips to achieve a certain look or you want to be healthier, the following steps will help you figure out what to do to have larger hips in a healthy natural manner.

How To Get Wider Hips Naturally
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1.  Lunges are Your Go-To Exercise

One of the main exercises that work out your hips properly is lunging. There are many different types of lunges that you can integrate into your exercise routine to help you achieve bigger hips through building muscles. Some people think they can have bigger hips just by sitting around and not working out. While this increases your hip size, it is actually unhelpful because you’re actually increasing fats rather than muscle mass. One of the most popular lunge workouts you can go for is the walking lunge.

In this exercise, you pose as though you are taking a really big step forward with one leg facing forward while your other leg is behind you. Both your feet should be fully touching the floor at the beginning. While you slowly lower yourself to the floor with your knees bent at a 90-degree angle, your rear heel will be slightly raised. After lowering yourself, you forcefully push yourself back up and repeat this movement until your rep is over.

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2.  Keep Track of your Waist-Hips Ratio

How big your hips look mainly depends on the size of your waist. The bigger your waistline is, the more your hips won’t look as big as you might want them to. Keeping track of the ratio between your waist and hips begins by knowing how to measure your hips and your waist properly. This ensures that you are aware of your waist to hips ratio which will help you determine how much you need to work on your hips to make them seem bigger. The size of your hips apparently also indicates different information about your health including whether you’re at risk of diabetes or may have fertility issues.

3.  Change Your Diet

Although there is no specific food that ensures larger hips, working on having a healthy diet can help you calibrate how much fats your body has. Genetics is a big factor in how much fat is stored in different areas of one’s body. If your body naturally stores fats around your midsection, then changing your diet by decreasing fats will make your hips seem bigger compared to your waist size. If food goes straight to your hips, then you might want to eat more foods to achieve the look you’re going for.

4.  Do Squats Correctly

Squatting is another form of exercise that will help you get naturally wider hips in no time. Squats seem easy to do but incorrect positioning or movement can lead to injuries or strains. To ensure that you’re squatting correctly, you can look up tutorials online that give you more details. When squatting, you need to stand with your legs firmly placed on the ground.

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Your feet should be placed a little wider than your hip width. Afterward, you slowly lower yourself to the ground making sure that your knees do not go further than your instep. Your back should always be as straight as possible when you are squatting. If you’re having trouble when squatting, you can do it with your back against a wall to ensure you are keeping your back in the right position and focusing on your lower muscles.

5.  Wait For Your Hips to Develop

As you go through puberty, your hips naturally grow bigger. What most people do not realize is that the older you get, the bigger your hips get without any effort. If you do not mind growing older to have bigger hips, then you can wait for nature to take its course and give you natural hips without having to go through any extra effort.

6.  Start Doing Yoga

If you’re not into going to a gym or doing hard exercises, then yoga may be the way to go. There are different yoga positions that place your hips in wider stances that promote their growth naturally. Some of the poses you may want to familiarize yourself with when doing yoga include the Frog which is like a plank but you place your knees touching the floor and your thighs wide apart.

It’s quite easy and helps you build both hip muscles and your flexibility. The pigeon pose is a forward bend that opens your hips up. The cow face pose does not open up your hips but it does stretch out your lower body muscles to ensure that you’re strengthening them.

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7.  Know Which Muscles to Work On

Being aware of which muscles to work on to achieve your goal of wider hips is crucial. Some of the most important muscles to work on are your glutes, including your gluteus maximus which is the biggest muscle on your lower side, and the glute medius which is the one you need to work on the most for wider hips. You should also work on your TFL which allows you more hip movements.

Know Which Muscles to Work On
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Now that you have some guidelines to help you figure out how to get bigger hips, you can work on them as soon as you can. There are many possible ways to get wider hips naturally. Some of them are easier than others in terms of effort and time. While there are specific surgical procedures out there that can give you wider hips, the natural way is much safer and will provide you with much more satisfaction. It will also guarantee that you are working on your health rather than just going for the easy way out and possibly creating more health problems in the future.

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