Hair-fall is a common phenomenon which can affect almost any adult. It is normal to lose 50-100 strands of hair everyday. However, excessive hair fall is a condition that requires special attention. While brands all over the world have exploited hair-fall issues as an opportunity to push their topical products on consumers, severe hair loss often runs deep and needs diagnosis. Which is exactly what Traya, a science-driven hair fall solution start-up is based on.


If there’s one thing that can be understood after bumping into Traya’s reviews, it is how their satisfied customers always go through a FREE hair test before commencing the treatment. These hair tests help in understanding types, reasons and stages of an individual’s hair fall issue. This helps in creating a cause-specific regime with doctor-prescribed products and diet plans.

Since Traya understands the concept of one size doesn’t fit all, the optimised efficacy of their customised treatment plan is reflected in Traya reviews. Subsequently, to understand the mechanism of hair fall management, it is important to first understand the underlying causes of the same. Hence, the hair test!

What makes Traya stand out?

In addition to these treatment plans, the frankness and transparency of Traya’s Hair Experts in answering all your doubts throughout the journey brings out a personalised touch of guidance. Rather than using a one way approach like most hair care formulation brands, Traya uses a combination of three approaches – Ayurveda, Dermatology and Nutrition.

The idea is to bring out a change not only through doctor prescribed medication but also through lifestyle and dietary intervention. Due to this holistic appeal, the whole treatment gives better results. Not only that, the journey also becomes more dynamic as it touches internal aspects of healing and not just superficial ones. Consequently, a whopping efficacy rate of 93% with reassuring Traya reviews makes the whole process more promising.

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Another thing that drives confidence among Traya’s customers is the money-back guarantee. Traya claims to refund the whole amount if results aren’t seen in 5 months, provided customers are not deviating from the regime. As bold as it might sound, it assures customers that Traya’s reviews have substantial weightage and their claims not being made in vain.

It is in fact interesting to know that Traya is very honest about its claims, and openly admits that hair fall issues beyond certain stages cannot be reversed or treated. Hence, it is always better to start treatment early, before it is too late to act. For example, pattern baldness beyond Stage 4 might not be treatable. Hence, Traya claims to treat pattern baldness till Stage 4 with certainty, beyond which no false claim is made.

How is the overall experience?

People often end up spending a huge chunk of money on hair care products and once the purchase is made, it becomes nobody else’s business. Nonetheless, with Traya, you aren’t forgotten or left behind after the treatment is prescribed. The Hair Experts make sure customers are being helped till the end of the treatment. The contentment of customers with regular follow ups can be seen in numerous Traya reviews.

Since Traya understands that years of gradual hair damage and hair loss cannot be reversed in a week’s time, they patiently check with customers at intervals. Their product kit contains internal use supplements as well as external use products, indicating how healing is not just about to happen externally, but also internally.

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Overall, it is safe to say that Traya can be a game changer in the market of Hair Fall Solution providers. It is all set to embark on the journey of creating new standards, while giving your hair good health.

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