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Itchy tear duct: 8 Causes, Symptoms, 7 Home remedies

Itchy tear duct can make you constantly worried, and you might not concentrate on anything. Let us try to get rid of it together.

Your eyes speak a thousand words! We see the world through our eyes and any hindrance could be irksome. There are many beautiful sights to see and one has to work as well! However, there are times when your eyes may not be ship-shape.

There are different eye conditions which cause irritation and excessive tearing. We think of it as a small health issue, but there is a term for this condition. Before we disclose the medical term for this, you must answer certain questions.

Is there excessive tearing?

Are your eyelids and eyes turning red?

Is there a condition of eye inflammation?

If you say YES then you must know that this condition is known as itchy tear duct or nasolacrimal ducts. Getting worried is not going to help you to improve the condition. The good news is that there are certain home remedies which can treat itchy tear duct.

Here is a quick post which talks about itchy tear duct and its causes and home remedies. This post would help you to understand the underlying causes and how you can easily treat it at home. Also, we have mentioned the symptoms which give you a clear idea whether you have an itchy tear duct or not.

Causes of Itchy Tear Duct:

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The question is – Why does my tear duct itch?

The answer is itchy tear duct! It is a type of infection which sets in when the duct gets blocked. When there is a blockage, the bacteria get collected, and it gradually grows.

What are the other causes of itchy tear duct? It is not just the blockage which causes this condition. We have mentioned the causes here which will help you to understand the health issue in a comprehensive manner.

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Infections such as conjunctivitis are the most common eye infection which can cause itchy tear duct.


Majority of the people have allergies to pollen, certain foods and even dust. This could cause itchy eye tear duct. This condition causes itchiness, redness and irritation which is irksome.

Obstruction in tear ducts:

The tear ducts may often get obstructed which is the major cause of itchy eye tear duct. It obstructs the normal drainage of tears.

Dry eye:

Majority of the Americans are experiencing the dry eye syndrome. The production of tears gets reduced which causes dryness, redness and irritation.

Usage of eye drops:

When a person continuously uses medications for their eyes, it may cause obstruction. Too much of everything is bad for your health, and the overuse of eye drops can worsen the condition.

You must speak to your doctor about the overuse of the eye drops. It is best to avoid using too much of medications for your eyes. The eyes are precious, and one must not use a lot of eye drops.

The Age-related Change:

When you start ageing, the puncta which are a tiny opening gets narrower. It causes blockage once it gets narrow.


When a person experiences injury or trauma, it causes scarring and bone damage. This could lead to blockage of the tear ducts.

Cancer treatment:

An itchy tear duct may be caused by cancer treatment. If you are a cancer patient, then the chemical medication and radiation could be the cause of this health issue.

How does one know that it is an itchy tear duct? Skim through the symptoms of itchy tear duct to find out whether you are experiencing the same or some other health condition.

Symptoms of Itchy Tear Duct:

When we talk about symptoms of itchy tear duct, we may experience more than just redness, swelling and irritation. Here are some of the symptoms of the itchy tear duct.

Here are the symptoms of the health condition:

  • Eye inflammation
  • Eye discharge
  • Fever
  • Eyelid and eye redness
  • Excessive tearing
  • Crusting
  • Blurred vision
  • Painful swelling

You may have noticed that new born babies experience a blocked tear duct. However, the condition improves by itself as they grow up.

If you have symptoms which are mentioned above, you can check with an eye doctor. Most of the cases can be handled with natural home remedies, but there are certain people, who may require medical attention.

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This gets us to the next important question! Most people are unsure whether the condition requires medical attention or not. It is dependent on the severity of the itchy tear duct.

When should you seek medical attention?

The itchy tear duct is usually correctable by home remedies, but in case the condition gets worse, you must seek the advice of a doctor. If your eye has been infected for a long period, the itchy eye tear duct may be the cause, and your eye doctor would be able to provide you medications.

There are some cases where one may require surgery. In case the case is serious, balloon catheter dilation would be necessary. What does it mean? It opens up the tear drainage passage. This procedure requires a tube with a deflated balloon. Speak to your doctor about this method. He/she would be able to tell you more about the procedure.

If antibiotics do not work, the surgery will help you to treat this health problem. Let us understand the home remedies for itchy tear duct. There is a fix for it!

What are the best home remedies for Itchy Tear Duct?

There are several home remedies which are helpful for treating the condition. We have listed some of the natural treatment which would help you to improve the condition.

Steam therapy:

Steam inhalation can improve the blood circulation, and it also helps to unblock the obstruction in the tear ducts.

Blinking regularly:

If your work requires you to spend hours in front of the computer, your eyes may start to itch! Blinking regularly would help you to improve the condition. It gets you relief from the itching.

Eye drops:

Using eye drops will lubricate your eyes. You must avoid the eye lids getting dry.

Washing eyes:

Sprinkle water and wash your eyes. Do not be rough! Use plain water to wash your eyes as that would help to clear the crusting.

Massaging eyes:

Massaging your eyes can be helpful! If it is a baby, you must rub the side of their eyes to release fluids. It opens up the tissues.

Saline solution:

A saline solution could help the condition. How to use it? Take one glass of water and mix a tbsp of salt in it. You would need to boil this solution and let it cool.

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Use the eyedropper to take the solution and put it in your eyes. Try to use distilled water as the tap water has impurities.

Warm compress:

A warm compress can help you to get relief from this health condition. You would require a clean cloth and some warm water. Dip the cloth in the water and squeeze the excess water.

Now gently dab the infected area with the warm water cloth. Keep the moist cloth on the eyes for at least 10 minutes. This can help in reducing the swelling, and you would also get relief from the pain and itchiness.

Prevention is better than cure:

How can you prevent itchy tear duct from happening? You can prevent the condition by following certain tips. We have listed them below just for you!

  • Do not rub your eyes so often.
  • You must clean your hands thoroughly before touching your eyes. It is a basic habit that you must incorporate into your lifestyle.
  • Never share your cosmetics with people. There are some women, who have eye conditions and your cosmetics may get infected. Also, you must replace your cosmetics regularly. Buy new mascara and eyeliner after a specific duration.
  • Keep your contact lenses clean. Also, you must change your contact lenses once the expiry date is over. Get new contact lenses and keep them clean and free from dust and particles.

Words from the Wise:

Was this post helpful for you? If yes, show us some love by liking the post and sharing it with your circle. It might just help your relatives or friends to treat the itchy tear duct.

You wouldn’t want to see tears in the eyes of your loved ones, right? The remedies mentioned-above are proven, and you will get relief from the same.

If you have an itchy eye which has itchiness, pain and discharge, you must consider it an emergency. The condition should improve once you follow the remedies. If it does not become better in few days, you must check with a doctor.

Your eyes are precious and do not let this condition remain untreated. It could become worse, and it is advisable to find a solution for it at the right time. See the world without any hindrance and get the itchy tear duct condition treated!

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