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Chafing buttocks: Causes, Symptoms, 5 Home remedies, 5 Prevention ways

Chafing buttocks can trouble you a lot. So, let us explore the causes, prevention methods and treatment methods of chafing buttocks in this article.

“Good health is the best wealth.”

Taking care of your body is vital. Nobody else will take care of your body! When you take improper care and stay out in the sun for long, you would experience different types of health conditions.

You may know about a condition called chafing buttocks. This is a condition in which constant friction causes swelling, inflammation and irritation between the buttocks. Both men and women can face this problem, and it should not be ignored.

When a person is experiencing chafing between buttocks, they will find it irksome to walk or run. There are multiple causes of this condition, and the good news is that there is a fix for it. Did you know that the hair in your butt is there for a reason? Yes, it helps to avoid friction.

Here is a post which talks about the causes, prevention and home remedies. The best part is that you do not have to buy expensive medications to treat this condition. There are home remedies which you can easily find in the kitchen!

Read this post as this would be helpful to treat chafing buttocks and the underlying causes for the same!

The Underlying Causes of Chafing buttocks:

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Chafing of buttocks is a common condition for those, who lead an active life. The skin surface between the buttocks is too less, and whenever there is constant friction, it causes chafing buttocks.

There are other causes of chafing between buttocks, and we have listed them below:

  • Being obese or overweight causes chafing buttocks. There is a lot of fat deposit in the buttocks area, and it can cause a lot of friction while walking or running.
  • Do note that skin chafing can happen to skinny individuals as well. This is when they are extremely active and are always on the run. When you have to do too much of walking into the office, it may cause chafing buttocks.
  • Sweating can cause chafing of buttocks. When you wear clothes which trap moisture, it causes friction and discomfort.
  • Poor hygiene is another cause of chafing buttocks. There are some men and women, who may not take a regular bath or take care of their body parts. You must take proper care of your body and use a good quality shower gel or soap to keep the area clean and sweet-smelling!
  • Sportspersons have a busy schedule, and they are constantly running or practising. This causes chafing, and constant friction can make the condition worse. When it starts bleeding, consider it the right time to meet a dermatologist!
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Symptoms of Chafing Buttocks:

Chafing buttocks is not a serious health condition. However, it causes a lot of pain and discomfort which is irksome. When you are always out for your day to day activities, the swelling, inflammation and pain could cause hindrance.

The skin chafing causes redness on the buttocks or between the skins of the buttocks. You may find redness, soreness, inflammation and it also causes pain. This is due to the constant friction of the skin.

When the condition gets worse, you may find bleeding as well. Butt chafing is not an uncommon condition, and the majority of the people experience it. When you find these symptoms, you must consider using home remedies. For worse situations, a visit to the dermatologist is advisable.

The Natural Home Remedies of Chafing Buttocks:

Are there any natural home remedies which can treat chafing buttocks? The answer is a resounding YES!

You do not have to visit the doctor or get expensive medicines to treat this condition. There are natural home remedies which can be easily found in the kitchen.

These are some of the natural home remedies that you must try to treat this condition.


We usually consider oatmeal as a great breakfast option! However, you can use it for soothing the pain, and it also reduces the itchiness and swelling. Mix oatmeal with olive oil and apply it on the affected area.

Do remember to keep the oatmeal paste on the affected area for at least 30 minutes. By applying this paste once in a day, you would get relief from the itchiness and swelling.

Aloe Vera:

Aloe vera has medicinal properties, and it can help you to treat chafing buttocks.  Apply aloe vera gel on the affected area, and it would create a cooling effect. Leave it on for at least an hour and let it dry. Once it is dry, wash it off with water.

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The sweet honey that we usually eat with toast can be applied on the affected area. It has antibacterial and healing properties which reduce the inflammation caused by the chafing buttocks.


Turmeric has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic qualities which can treat bruises and inflammation. If you have chafing buttocks, you can apply turmeric paste in the affected area.

Turmeric has the power to naturally heal infections of the skin. It will not just heal the chafing, but it will also reduce the irritation caused by the condition.

Keep the area dry:

To improve the chafing problem, you can keep the area dry. Use an absorbent powder between the buttocks to avoid the friction. If you already have chafing, it is best to avoid further friction. Keeping the area dry will keep you free from the irritation and pain.

It does improve the health condition!

These were the chaffed buttocks remedies which you must try because they are effective and tried and tested.

When to seek medical attention?

When there is a case of serious chafing, you must visit the dermatologist. If there is crusting, bleeding, swelling and pain, you must book an appointment as the skin doctor would be able to prescribe the best ointment or treatment for the same.

There are times when the skin condition does not improve, and it could be caused by a bacterial infection. Your doctor may provide you antibiotics and antifungals. Make sure that chafing buttocks does not remain untreated.

How to prevent chafing between buttocks?

Prevention is better than cure. We all have heard these lines, and the same applies to chafing buttocks. Majority of the women are troubled with this condition because it causes discomfort and pain. Wearing your favourite skirt or dress may be a distant dream because the chafing causes friction and pain.

The good thing is that you can prevent it in multiple ways!

Here are some of the natural ways to prevent chafing between buttocks.

Weight Loss:

Being obese or overweight can cause friction between the buttocks and thighs. This causes chaffing buttocks. Being healthy and not overweight or obese is good. This also reduces the chances of friction, and you would never have to face chafing between buttocks.

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Being overweight causes a range of health problems such as high blood pressure, cardiac problems, dark inner thighs, high cholesterol and the list goes on. Losing weight starts from your kitchen! You can eat healthily and check your BMI and daily calorie requirement.

Consider brisk walking for 40 minutes in a day. Aerobic activities are great for losing weight. You can also dance for an hour in the day to lose some extra fat!

Keep the area dry:

Moisture between the buttocks can increase the chances of chafing buttocks. When there is a hot environment, it can cause chafing, and you must keep the area dry and cool.

If your body sweats a lot, it is best to clean the buttocks area and wipe off the extra sweat. This would help you to avoid chafing of buttocks. You can also sprinkle some absorbent powder between the buttocks area. This will keep the area dry and fresh!

Let the air flow:

Wear airy clothes which do not trap moisture inside your body. Avoid wearing synthetic clothes during workouts as this traps the moisture inside. Wear light cotton clothes and let the air flow inside.

Lubrication is the key:

To reduce the friction, you must apply a lubricant. You can easily get this in a pharmacy shop. This would cause a gliding motion instead of friction.

Personal hygiene:

Keep your butt clean! It is best to take a shower on a daily basis. Your hygiene is most important. After showering, you must dab the area with a towel. Keep it clean and dry!

The takeaway for the readers:

Chafing buttocks is a painful condition, and you must avoid it! In case you are already facing the health issue, you must use the above-mentioned home remedies.

When chafing is continuous, it can cause bleeding which can be very irksome for an individual. So, try the remedies and circulate this post to anyone, who may benefit from this.

As we said, prevention is better than cure, and you must be healthy, avoid wearing synthetic clothing and keep your body clean. Take good care of your body as your health precious, and chaffing buttocks can cause a lot of discomforts.


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