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Cyst on eyeball-What is it, 13 Causes, 6 Symptoms, and 6 Treatments

Cyst on eyeball can be really unpleasant and worrisome for us. Eyesight is one of the most important senses of our body. It is even difficult to imagine what we do without being able to see properly. So, it is really very important to take care of our eyes and eyesight with extreme caution.

What is a cyst on eyeball:

cyst on eyeball
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Any condition occurring over the eyes can cause eye irritation, pain and make you uncomfortable. cyst on eyeball is also a cause of eye discomfort. So, we need to learn what is a cyst on eyeball, what causes it, what are the symptoms of cyst on eyeball, and how can we treat this eyeball cyst.

A cyst is a structure which is round or oval with a hollow center. This center can be filled with any liquid, semisolid or gaseous substance. The cysts can occur over any part of the body including the eyes. Many people have the habit of popping the cysts. They find it interesting. But, do remember that you should never pop a cyst on eyeball, as it can be detrimental to your vision.

Cyst on eyeball causes:

There are many causes of developing a cyst on eyeball. Let us learn about them.

Contact lens usage:

The contact lens is placed over the cornea so that you don’t need to use the spectacles. But, the contact lens is very irritating to the eye. They can cause swelling or inflammation of the cornea if they are contaminated or not cleaned regularly or if worn for a prolonged period of time. All these factors can lead to the formation of cyst on eyeball.

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Corneal erosion syndrome:

Many chemical products used in the industries contain harmful chemicals like nitrogen. Exposure to such products can also lead to the formation of eyeball cyst.


If your parents have cyst on eyeball, then you also might develop such eyeball cyst due to heredity. But, this is not a very common cause of cyst on white of eye.

Corneal disorders:

There are many sorts of dystrophic condition that affect the cornea and can lead to cyst on eyeball. Some examples of such conditions are Epithelial basement membrane dystrophy, Meeseman’s dystrophy, etc.

Trauma to the eye:

If there is any injury or trauma to the eyeball, it can damage the tissue and lead to the formation of cyst on eyeball.

Drugs side effects:

Usage of several drugs can have ill effects on the eyes leading to development of eyeball cyst. Some examples of such drugs are interferon, aromatase inhibitors, eye lubricants.

Blockage of Meibomian glands:

These glands produce secretions called mebum to help in lubrication of the eye. If our eye is infected with any bacteria, it can block the meibomian glands, and obstruct the flow of the mebum from it. This can cause swelling of the meibomian gland leading to the formation of meibomian cyst.

Inclusion cyst:

This cyst is present in between 2 layers of the conjunctiva, that is the white membrane covering the white part of the eye. It is a fluid-filled cyst. It is formed after any surgeries to the eyeball like cataract surgery, ptosis surgery, vitrectomy, etc

Conjunctival lymphangiectasia:

In this condition, there is obstruction to the flow of lymph through the lymphatic vessels which carry lymph fluid from the eyes. It leads to the formation of multiple fluid-filled cysts on eyeball. The exact cause of this condition is not known.


If you have any food allergies, or you are allergic to any cosmetics used over he eyes like mascara, eyeliner, etc, then also you can develop eyeball cyst on white on eye.

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It appears like a small yellowish-white bump or cyst on eyeball. It is mostly seen in men of middle age or old age. It is made of deposits of fat and protein. It can occur due to irritation from dust, due to the effect of ultraviolet rays or due to aging.

Pinguecula can cause blurring of vision, burning in the eyes, itching, excess lacrimation, etc. Some eye drops are prescribed by your doctor to treat this condition. So, consult an ophthalmologist for its treatment.


It appears like a white or pink bump or cyst on the eyeball. It is also caused due to the eye irritation caused by dust, eye irritants, etc. It is also treated with eye drops, and surgery similar to pinguecula.

Dermoid cysts:

They can occur as cyst in eyeball in children mostly. They are noncancerous growths in the white part of the eye of the children. They can affect the vision of the child. If the vision is affected they are surgically removed.

Symptoms of cyst on eyeball:

Discomfort: As there is a cystic structure in the eye, it makes you feel very uncomfortable, and you become conscious of it continuously.

Watering of eyes: The irritation caused by the cyst on eyeball can make your eyes water excessively or there is increased lacrimation.

Itching: You feel like itching your eyes more often due to this eyeball cyst.

Pain: As the cyst on eyeball is causing eye irritation and discomfort, your eyes might feel painful.

Visual disturbances: As the eye is an essential structure for vision, any abnormality in the eye can interfere with vision. Cyst on eyeball is no exception to this. It can also cause visual disturbances.

Swelling of the eyes or edema: You can notice that the area surrounding the cyst is swollen due to the irritation caused by the cyst on eyeball.

Cyst on eyeball treatment:

Cyst on eyeball can be treated in many ways. Some of them require medical intervention. Some can be done easily at your home.

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If the cyst on eyeball is caused by irritation caused by contact lenses, then your ophthalmologist or eye doctor will prescribe lubricant eye drops to restrict the growth of the cyst and also to reduce its size. It will take some time for this cyst on white of eye to go away.

Rosewater and honey:

You can mix 2 tablespoons of rosewater with ½ tablespoon of honey. Then use this mixture to wash the eyes. Then again wash he eyes with normal water immediately. Rosewater has soothing property and honey has healing property.

Warm compress:

Warm compress is very effective in reducing swelling or inflammation and also in shrinking the cyst on eyeball. Just take a soft cloth and heat it. Then use it to massage gently over the eyeball. But remember to close your eyes, and place the warm compress over the eyelid and not over the eyeball directly.

You can also dip a cloth in hot water, squeeze out the water, and then use it to massage eye like a warm compress.

Washing eye with warm water:

You can wash your eyes with warm water, and any medicated soap which is prescribed by your doctor.Ths can also help in speeding the recovery process.

Bandage contact lens:

These contact lens ae prescribed by your doctor. They do not possess any refractive power. They help in protecting your eye when blinking.


If your ophthalmologist thinks that the cyst on eyeball cannot go away with simple measures, he might recommend the removal of the cyst with debridement in which the eyeball cyst is scraped away with surgical instruments.

Cyst on eyeball pictures:

eyeball cyst
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cyst on eyeball pictures
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You have seen all the possible causes, symptoms, and treatments of cyst on eyeball. You need to visit an ophthalmologist for eye checkup and advice regarding the remedies to follow at home to get rid of this irritating cyst one eyeball and to know if it requires any surgical treatment by the eye specialist.

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