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Popped blood vessel in finger:12 Causes, 6 Symptoms, 5 Treatments, Pictures

Popped blood vessel in finger is a really terrible thing to have because it restricts the usage of our hands. We depend on our hands to do everything in our daily life. If we are having any sort of problem with our hands, performing simple daily activities becomes troublesome.

What is popped blood vessel in finger?

popped blood vessel in finger
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There are many synonyms or other names for this condition called popped blood vessel in finger. They are Achenbach’s syndrome and paroxysmal finger hematoma. It occurs when there is a burst blood vessel in finger or broken blood vessel in finger. This condition is seen on the palmar aspect or volar aspect of the hand.

The blood vessel in the hand can burst or bust due to many reasons, leading to bleeding from the hand. This can lead to swelling, pain, and tenderness in the fingers, making simple daily tasks done by hand very daunting.

Popped blood vessel in finger causes:

There are many causes of popped blood vessel in finger. Let us discuss them:


Trauma or injury is one of the most common causes of developing a popped blood vessel in finger. If you happen to fall from a height with your hand hitting the ground, you can develop this condition.

If you hurt your hand when doing some gardening work or carpentry or hitting nails into the wall using a hammer, you can develop popped blood vessel in finger. You can also develop this problem if your hand gets stuck in the door while closing it.


Hypertension is very common in today’s life due to various lifestyle factors like smoking, obesity, consuming high fatty foods, etc. Due to high blood pressure, the blood vessel in the fingers can burst as they cannot withstand high pressure leading to popped blood vessel in finger.

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Old age is the time when many changes take place in our body. During this time, the skin becomes loose and saggy. Due to this, the elderly people can develop injuries very easily.

They can also fall easily due to lack of proper balance while walking. They also suffer from Hypertension or high blood pressure commonly. All these might contribute to developing popped blood vessel in finger in these population.

Blood cancer:

Have you ever heard of blood cancer or leukemia? In this condition, there is excess production of white blood cells in the body of the affected person. In this condition, there is bleeding from the blood vessels into the skin at several places in the body.

There can be bleeding in the gums, and into the joints also. popped blood vessel in finger is also one of the manifestations of this condition. But, Blood cancer or leukemia is not a very common cause of popped blood vessel in finger.


Infection of the blood vessels can occur in some people, who are having weak immunity levels. If the blood vessels are infected with any bacteria, they can be eroded and lead to bleeding. This can also happen in the fingers leading to burst blood vessel in the fingers.

Drug side effects:

Almost all the drugs in the world cause side effects. There are several drugs which can cause bleeding due to causing popped blood vessel in finger.

Cancer treatments:

All types of cancers in the body need treatment with either chemotherapy or radiotherapy. These treatment modalities can cause erosion of blood vessels leading to popped blood vessel in finger.

Coagulation disorders:

Various coagulation disorders like von Willebrand disease, Idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura or ITP, Thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura or TTP, etc can also cause popped blood vessel in finger.

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In this condition excess protein called amyloid protein is stored in the blood vessels. This can damage the blood vessels easily, leading to broken blood vessels, and purpura.


In this condition, abnormal proteins called cryoglobulins can clump together in the blood leading to the formation of purpura.

Hyperviscosity syndrome:

In certain types of cancers, there is an excess production of certain types of proteins in the body. They increase the viscosity of the blood exerting excess pressure on the blood vessels. This can lead the blood vessel in finger to burst developing purpura.

Hypergammaglobulinemic purpura:

In this condition, there is an excess production of a type of globulin proteins in the blood called gamma globulin. This also can lead to the development of popped blood vessel in finger and purpura.

Popped blood vessel in finger Symptoms:

Having broken blood vessel in the finger is a very problematic condition. The symptoms of it are:

Swelling: As the blood accumulates below the skin, there is an appearance of a swelling.

Inflammation: There is an accumulation of white blood cells and other cells from the blood at the place of popped blood vessel in finger when the body tries to heal the problem. This can lead to signs of inflammation in this area of the finger-like pain, swelling, tenderness, etc.

Redness: As there is blood below the finger, this area appears very red.

Pain: As there is damage to the blood vessel in the finger, and also inflammation, we tend to experience pain.

Tenderness: If we try to press the area having popped blood vessel in finger, the pain increases in severity.

Paresthesias: As there is an abnormality in the area of a broken blood vessel in finger, we tend to experience paresthesias like burning sensations.

Popped blood vessel in finger treatment:

There are remedies that are really effective in controlling the swelling and other symptoms caused by popped blood vessel in finger. These are very easy and we can try them at our home. They are:

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Applying cold compress:

Whenever we have any injury or swelling or bruising, we need to apply cold compress over it to reduce the swelling. Just take a plastic bag or ziplock bag, and fill it with ice cubes. Then take a cloth and cover your finger with it.

Then apply this cold compress made with ice cubes and ziplock bag over the finger having popped blood vessel in finger. It will surely reduce the swelling over the finger. Use this cold compress during the 1st 24 hours after developing the problem.

Warm compress:

Now you might be wondering how can we use cold compress and warm compress at the same time. We need to use cold compress only during the 1st 24 hours after developing popped blood vessel in finger. Then, later on, we can use either cold compress or warm compress.

We need to take some rock salt and heat it in a pan. Then place this heated rock salt in a cloth and then seal it properly. Then use this heated salt containing bag to massage over the area of the finger having burst blood vessel.


There are several analgesic medications which help to reduce the pain and swelling. You can purchase them over the counter or you can ask your healthcare provider to prescribe such drugs.

Avoid aspirin:

Aspirin is a blood thinner medication. It can further aggravate the bleeding problem and increase the area of the hematoma. So, don’t use aspirin when having this problem.

Avoid sports causing this problem:

As sports or certain activities can aggravate this problem, try to avoid the activities which are causing this problem in the first place.

If your problem of popped blood vessel in finger is not getting resolved with these home remedies, you need to consult your healthcare provider regarding advice as to what is the exact problem causing popped blood vessel in finger in you, and how it needs to be treated. You should not neglect this problem at all.

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