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The Benefits of Drinking Water

It’s so regularly drilled into us that we should be drinking six to eight glasses of water daily, yet more than half of Americans don’t drink enough water. This is often down to being “too busy” or it comes from a lack of tracking; however, it shows just how much we take readily available, clean water for granted.

Charities such as Orphans in Need work with people who frequently go without clean drinking water, and these people would do anything to have the privilege of drinking six to eight glasses daily.

Ultimately, drinking water is essential to our physical wellbeing, but what exactly are the benefits that our bodies obtain from water?

Benefits of drinking water

Water protects the sensitive tissues, such as the spinal cord and brain

Water provides our essential sensitive tissues with the cushioning they need to function properly. Similarly, water is responsible for producing neurotransmitters and hormones, which heavily affect the brain’s function and structure. It’s for this reason that we struggle with reasoning and thinking when we’re feeling dehydrated. As a result, it’s clear to see that there aren’t only physical benefits that come from drinking water, but also mental and emotional ones. Essentially, it’s impossible to achieve a sense of all-round wellbeing without the help of water intake, which is why we should aim to have at least six glasses daily.

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Water promotes skin health

Not only does a limited water intake result in premature wrinkles, but it can also make you more prone to skin disorders. This is because many skin disorders stem from dry skin, and we need to be moisturizing our skin from the inside out via our water intake. All of the expensive moisturizers in the world won’t be able to do the work of drinking water. Therefore, you can save yourself hundreds of dollars off your monthly beauty routine by just drinking the required amount of water. Hydrated skin is happy skin.

Water distributes oxygen across the body


Did you know that our blood is more than 90% water? Meanwhile, it’s the job of our blood to carry oxygen to every part of our body. Therefore, without water, our blood wouldn’t be able to perform its number one function. If our blood is unable to get to a certain body part, this part will be starved of oxygen and ultimately lose its function. This could be detrimental if it were to happen to an essential organ.

Water forms mucus and saliva

Mucus is a lubricant that keeps our tissues from drying out and is essential to filtering out materials that we breathe in. On the other hand, saliva keeps our mouths, noses, and eyes moist and also helps us to digest food. Similarly, water helps keep the mouth clean, while the opposite can be said of sweetened beverages that contribute to the risk of tooth decay. Ultimately, water is essential to keeping our tissues running and flushing out any toxicity in our bodies. Without ample water intake, our bodies would be left defenceless.

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Water lubricates the joints

Last but not least, roughly 80% of cartilage is formed of water. Cartilage is found all over the body, but one of the most important areas is the disks of the spine. Should you be dehydrated for some time, this will reduce the shock-absorbing ability of your joints, which can result in joint pain. As a result, anyone experiencing frequent aches and pains may well be missing the required amount of water from their diet. A lot of the health problems we experience can often be solved by upping our water intake.

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