Warts on elbow-7 Causes and 13 Treatments or Remedies

Warts on elbows can be really unpleasant and irritating. They are harmless, and they don’t cause any pain. But, we tend to feel that having warts on elbows is uncomfortable, and we start thinking about them constantly. So, let us discuss what are the causes of warts on elbows, and the ways to get rid of them.

What are warts?

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Warts are skin growths caused by a virus called HPV or Human papillomavirus. These skin growths are benign, that means they don’t spread to other sites in the body, and they are not cancerous. These warts can occur in people of any age group. But most commonly they occur in kids as they have low immunity levels.

Warts can spread from one person to another through direct contact, sexual contact or even through using common clothing. It takes about 90 days for a person to develop warts on elbows or other sites of the body after he is exposed to the virus from other people.

The most common sites for the development of warts are the foot, arm, fingers, scalp, and also elbows. If warts occur on genitals, which is also common, they are called condylomata acuminate. The color of the warts is similar to that of skin.

Warts can persist for a period of months to even years. In some people, they disappear spontaneously, and in some other people, they require some modality of treatment to be cured.

Generally, warts are not painful, and they are benign. But, most people find warts to be embarrassing and irritating. So, they wish to remove warts as they cannot stand the sight of warts, and not because of any symptoms that are being caused by warts.

What causes warts on elbows?

Warts on elbows are caused by HPV virus or Human papillomavirus. This virus enters the skin by various means and then increases cell multiplication in the skin. This leads to the formation of warts on elbows. Here are many reasons why a person develops wart on the elbow. They are:

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Warts on elbows can occur in people of any age group. But, they are more common in kids, elderly people. This is because people at extremes of age have low immunity levels which facilitate the easy growth of the virus.

Low immunity:

Immunity of our body plays a vital role in killing HPV virus and also any microbial infection. If you have low immunity levels, you tend to contract the HPV virus easily.

Immunodeficiency diseases:

If you are suffering from any immunodeficiency disorders that occur naturally by genetic means or if you are suffering from HIV or AIDS infection, you tend to have low immunity levels. This again provides easy entry for HPV virus.

Maintaining poor personal hygiene:

If your personal hygiene is very bad, any microbe or germ can easily enter your body including HPV virus.

Minor cuts or injuries:

If you have any cuts or injuries or lacerations over your elbow due to any reason, you need to clean it properly and dress it regularly. Otherwise, it becomes an easy port of entry for HPV virus.

Using other peoples clothes:

HPV virus can even sustain itself over nonliving things like clothes. If you use clothes of other people who are having warts on elbows, it is likely that you might also develop warts on elbows.

Inappropriate sexual contact:

If you have sexual contact with any person who is having warts on elbows or warts anywhere on the body, the HPV virus will enter your body through genitals, and it can cause genital warts or even warts on elbows.

How to get rid of warts on elbows?

There are many methods to get rid of warts on elbows. Some of them include home remedies, some are surgical options performed by a surgeon, etc. Let us discuss them below.

Over the counter gels:

There are many over the counter gels available in the market to get rid of warts on elbows. They are available in the pharmacies. When applied regularly over the wart on elbow, these gels will provide an unfavorable environment for the survival of the virus. This helps is shrinking the size of warts on elbows, and getting rid of them eventually.

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Liquid nitrogen:

In this method, liquid nitrogen spray is used over warts on elbows. The virus causing elbow warts cannot survive under the liquid nitrogen as it freezes the wart. After using liquid nitrogen several times over warts on elbows, warts will shrivel and fall off.

Surgical removal:

In this method, your dermatologist or surgeon gives you local anesthetic around the area of the elbow warts at first. When you feel that the area is numb, he removes warts on elbows manually using surgical instruments.


This procedure is done in a dermatologist office. In this procedure, warts on elbows are burned using an electric beam or electricity. It is very effective method of getting rid of wart on elbow.

Adhesive duct tape:

A adhesive duct tape is placed over warts on elbows and left and place for few days. After few days it is removed. When the duct tape was in place, the virus causing warts find it very difficult to survive. So, the wart on elbow shrinks in size. When you remove the tape, wart on elbow comes out along with the duct tape.

Podophyllin paint:

A chemical called podophyllin paint is applied over warts on elbows by your skin specialist. This shrinks warts on elbows and helps to get rid of them. This procedure if tried at home can have adverse effects on surrounding skin. So, never try it at home. Go to a dermatologist to get this procedure done.

Castor oil:

Castor oil is a time-tested remedy for warts on elbows. Just apply a little castor oil over warts on elbows and massage well. Do this at least 2 times a day for a week or two. You will notice that warts on elbows will go away very well.

Banana peel:

Banana peel has been used for ages for the removal of warts. Just take a banana peel and rub it over warts on elbows. Repeat the process over several days to get rid of elbow warts.

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Essential oils:

There are several essential oils which have good potential for the removal of elbow warts. Most commonly used essential oils to remove warts on elbows are lemon oil and tea tree oil. These essential oils have plethora of other benefits too.

Homeopathic remedies:

A homeopathic medicine called Thuja is very effective in removal of warts on elbows. A tincture of mother tincture of Thuja is applied over the wart regularly over a period of few days. This helps in shrinking and making the wart smaller, ultimately getting rid of warts on elbows.

Laser surgery:

It is a process performed by dermatologist. In this method, a laser beam is used to burn the wart and get rid of it. It is a very popular method of removing warts on elbows.

Garlic cloves:

Take few garlic cloves and crush them or grate them or even grind them to make a paste. Then mix this paste of garlic cloves with flour. Then apply this mixture over the elbows and cover the elbow with a plastic tape or bandage.

Leave it overnight. Then in the morning, remove the bandage or plaster. Then clean and get rid of the dead wart cells using pumice stone. Repeat this process several times for good results.

Radio wave exposure:

This is a newer technique in which warts are exposed to the radio waves which helps in damaging the wart on elbow and getting rid of it.

Prevention of warts on elbows:

There are some precautions you need to take to avoid getting warts on elbows. They are:

  • Eat a healthy diet to enhance the immune system.
  • Avoid stress as stress can weaken the immune system and make you susceptible to viruses causing warts on elbows.
  • Regular exercise to strengthen your body
  • Maintain personal hygiene to avoid contracting germs
  • Never wear clothes of other people
  • If you develop any elbow injuries, treat them promptly with antiseptic solutions in order to prevent the entry of germs
  • Avoid getting into contact with ill people

You have seen what are warts on elbows, all the possible causes of elbow warts, and also the ways to get rid of wart on elbow. Hope the article was informative.

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